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What Is The Last Video You Viewed?


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Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
Very much a dude.
A video from Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy painting one of my all time favorite Warhammer 40K characters, Szarekh, the Silent King.

I find this stuff relaxing and soothing, and the length is due to him being informative and detailed, and because the Silent King mini is insanely detailed.


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Aug 16, 2019

I was watching these videos and I was like meh sounds interesting and then comes the real deal. This video changed my life. Grab a beer and watch this, it will change yours too

I hope this video changed your entire perspective towards your career and made you question your true identity ppffft *cough* excuse me. And made you realize who you truly are all of a sudden out of the blue.

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