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What Is The Last Video You Viewed?


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Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
Very much a dude.

A review of one of the worst first person shooters, as well as its tumultuous development, and how hard the creators actually did try to make a decent game in spite of all the bad luck and bull**** the developers had to deal with.

Psychotoxic is a garbage game, but the developers deserve praise for sticking through the nonsense to get the game at least published.


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This short documentary gives some insight to the thing I dislike the most in Japan - the open and widespread exploitation of young women. I regularly would walk past the areas in the documentary (particularly Akihabara since it is the arcade/retro game capital of Japan) and see the girls lining the street and it makes me sad to think about how they are being treated and used for profit and perversion.
This is the first MMA fight I've ever watched in full. I only vaguely know what MMA is about; mixed martial arts cage fighting, i think.
I don't know how you win or if you get points for throwing or landing punches or anything and it wasn't that interesting but Rika is cute.

Nearer the end there is a ground scuffle and it looks like Rika asks if Trinidad is okay and then punches her in the head. That bit cracked me up, though she probably didn't ask if she was okay.

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