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What Has Zelda Taught You?


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Sep 30, 2009
Do the right thing, even if it's tedious and leads you on some really long and boring sidequest.

There is a solution to every problem, so just keep searching until you find one.

When in doubt, ask yourself, "What would Link do?"


I'm back!!
It's impossible to kill humans with swords.
Plants hide money.
Pigs are evil.
You can hold all your items in small bags.
Arrows can be magical.
Becoming a canibalism can make you receive more damage.
If you shoot at the sun you might get fire arrows.
Plants can sell you items.


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Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
Wow, when i first read the question on this thread, I was thinking totally seriously and then i got to reading all the fun responses. So, I'm going to do the serious, just for fun. ^^

I have learned a lot from the Zelda games, but more specifically, I have learned a lot from all the things associated with Zelda. To be completely honest, there are some things I'm thankful to Zelda for.

In terms of the games themselves, they have taught me some important life skills. Since beginning to play Zelda on a regular basis, I have become a much more effective problem solver. Puzzle games and life challenges have become more easily solved from learning how to think about them, through playing Zelda's puzzles. My favorite example of this is when i figured out one of Zelda's puzzles in my sleep. :P I was dreaming about it and figured out how to do it. I leapt up out of bed, went and turned the console on and finished it. This was the ice block puzzle in TP's Hyrule Field for the heart piece. A couple days after that, my friend brought one of those moving block puzzles to school and was playing with it during our lunch break. I reached over and smiled to myself. It was almost identical. True story. This is a fairly useless example, but the first one to come to mind.

Going slightly off this, Zelda has also improved my creative thinking. Example: how can I do this task with the materials I have? Looking at the items screen and trying to decide how to get a deku princess home to her father. Do I need something else? Can't hit that switch on the other side of the grate with just regular bombs. And i missing something? Looking on the roof for the hookshot target that just has to be there somewhere. And of course the ever popular: How in the heck do I get up there!?!? Finding that ity bity platform in the corner.

But it isn't just things in the games that have effected my life, the fact that I play the games/am interested in the games has effected my personal life. First of all, Zelda brought me here, to ZeldaDungeon.net. I have made a lot of friends here, around the world and am very thankful for that. I had never really belonged to a forum community before I came here, and this place has opened up many doors for me. have learned so much about other places and other people from chatting here, as well as meeting some incredible people that I intend to keep as friends. Some have moved me enough for me to want to travel and try to meet them in person. Of course, the thing I'm the most thankful the of this place for, is an opportunity to talk about Zelda and not feel like a total geek. XD People give you weird looks when you are in your third year of university and you want to nerd out about video games. I have found a couple in the world around me who share this with me, but here on the forums, I feel like I'm one in a crowd of many who enjoy what we do.

The one thing I am most thankful for is one particular association that resulted out of a common love of the Zelda series. Rishian and i began talking and became friends over the conversation of Zelda, and for that I will ever be thankful. On this note, it also got em into gaming in general, something I have really grown to love and enjoy.

Zelda has also inspired me to write fiction, which is something that I never would have tried, unless I found something else that inspired me in such a way.

Zelda has taught me to go for it, live for your dreams, and never give up ;)

The Hero of Pie

Zelda has taught me a lot. I've learned that you often can't solve a problem until you underthink it AND overthink it. (Wind Waler, OoT)

I've learned that the world isn't perfect, people don't always see you how those close to you do (Majora's Mask) and there isn't always a hero (WW Backstory).

I've learned that the world is worth exploring, and you can make legends of your own by doing so. (NES games, Minish Cap)

I've learned that when it comes down to it, there will always be gaps and holes in a story... (Zelda Timeline... duh!)


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Jul 27, 2010
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I've learned that no matter what there's going to be evil in the world, and that even a nobody can become a hero.


Sep 6, 2010
The "Legend of Zelda" taught me that love is a hard thing to live with...good and bad...


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May 15, 2010
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Hmm... What has Zelda taught me?

I suppose, that less than 12 months ago, when I was first introduced to the series, Zelda has taught me what an amazing game really is.

But anyway, now I think about it...

Zelda has taught me to be patient, and work things out slowly. I'm one of those people who doesn't have the patience to take their time. I used the walkthrough for Spirit Tracks, but when I saw there was no walkthrough for the Ends of the Earth station, I was pretty peeved. But, I was so desperate to 100% the game, I was patient. And it worked!!

I often ask my few friends who like Zelda that if they could have one piece of the triforce, which would they have? The answers were quite interesting. But, through the triforce, I learnt that anyone can be powerful. They just have to discover it.

Playing Zelda has also taught me to pay attention to my surroundings, just in case I see something I might need later in life. Ever since discovering Zelda, I usually know where everything is, because I became alert, and noticed what was around me. VERY useful skill, I tell you.

On a side note, Zelda is what sent me searching through every tuft of grass I could find, hoping I could find some money. :lol:


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Aug 30, 2010
The Sacred Realm
I learned that HE IS ERROR.
I learned never to hire a Zora architect.
I learned that if you have a triangle on your hand you can see the future, survive heinous stab wounds and lift things that are supposedly 1 mega tonne.
I learned that when you figure out a song your musical instrument sparkles.
I learned that Hyrule religions have the absolute worst houses of worship.
Thank you Zelda!
Nov 8, 2010
Boston, MA
Drinking milk will revive you from near death.
Don't press C^ when you hear "HEY!"
Watch out for the shadows of monsters that hang from the ceiling.
Stones tell you the time when you hit them.
Feminists live in the desert.
You won't get hurt from jumping off high cliffs, as long as you somersault at the bottom.
Shoot, slash, stab, hit, cut, slam or in some way damage the eyeball.


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Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Well, while I can't really say it has taught me many morals (other than do whatever it takes to save your family and/or the princess of your local kingdom), I must say, the Zelda series has significantly taught me the importance of things like plot, music, etc.

I suppose an actual thing the series has taught me is to be adventurous, have an open mind, etc. Be curious, look around that corner, see what's there and see if it is something of good fortune. I'm not saying to go scavenge the land and raid houses, but just look out for things.

T Edoc

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Nov 25, 2010
Romani Ranch, Termina (Hopefully...*sigh*)
Heros can live in peace, then save the world, then live in peace.

Courage shall overtake fear.

An external element will be meant to become the key element (Link).
Coming from the nobody-visits forest, from another world, or even from the sky, he/she will bring new perceptions to the land he/she's going into.

(...some skills can break you bones if you practice directly on the ground...authentic event that happened to me, ouch...X( )

Nobody even a hero can do everything alone...

99% ZeldaExpert

The path that takes the longest is sometimes the best path to take.

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