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What Does Zelda Mean to You?


The Missing Link
Feb 22, 2011
Fighting Alongside Link
[DISCLAIMER: I'm sorry if this exists somewhere else. I haven't seen it, and i searched and found nothing. So...sorry is this exists.]

So, we all wouldn't be here if we didn't love Zelda in some way. So, as the title says, what does Zelda mean to you?

To me, Zelda brought me and my older brother together. He showed me Ocarina of Time when i was 3, he showed me how to play, and since then we have had this special connection that i don't have with anything else. Also, because of Zelda, i have made lots of new friends. I also like how Zelda stays true to the medieval theme, it's not modernized like all this shoot-'em-up games like Call of Duty.

So yeah. What does Zelda mean to you? Post below.

Feb 23, 2011
Zelda honestly means everything to me. It is an integral part of my existence, and it's what really got me into gaming. I was never very social, and I had very few friends growing up, so Zelda helped to remedy that in a way. :yes:


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I don't really have a specific story, I first played it in my early teens and have just loved it since. I love fantasy and adventure, I love getting lost in a story, whether it's watching, reading or gaming.


Storming Twilight
Dec 8, 2009
Twilight World
Zelda means the world to me. I love it, I can't stay a week without playing it and I think it's necessary on my life. Because of it I became what I actually am - a calm, kind and sweet girl.

I learnt to love my life with it. I honestly love every piece of this word: Zelda. Everytime I say it I feel so happy.

Zelda also brought me courage, new friends, new things I learnt, new emotions, good times and much more, it made me look the life in a better way, a colorful, warm, safe, pure, way of seeing things and life.

If it hadn't been Zelda in my life, I would be afraid and lonely, because it opened me new paths on life. And I'm not kidding. I wouldn't had lost a few fears I had or lose shyness and make new friends. I wouldn't had been so happy in my life.

:triforce: Zelda is everything to me. :triforce:

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