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What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?


Feb 25, 2010
mine means that i want to have the 100 charecter limit come back to the fourm. Of corce, I'm the only one how will ever say this.
Jan 1, 2011
My Custom Title is Ich Liebe Die Ananas. Which means I love Pineapples in English. (It is a fact)
I just changed mine to "Gani is a Taxi Driver". It means exactly what it says: Ganondorf is, in fact, a taxi driver. Well, he was in the dream I had last night, and it was full of the most random events ever, and one of them was the fact that Ganondorf was introduced as a taxi driver. It amuses me enough to make it my custom rank. So... yeah.

Master Sword13

Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
Mine, Level 1: Villager, is my level in my personal leveling system in my thread game I made. Which by the way, no one has gained any experience on yet. If you want to check it out, look at my sig. It has a link.
Well, this is awkward... :hmm:
I started reading Bleach as my new way to possibly neutralize out the returning fangirlism of Ganondorf, as the effectiveness of Gelwein had worn off and I was not about to replay Rune Factory Frontier just for the sake of my saneness.
So... just having finished volume 27 of the manga, I have picked up three more fangirlisms: Uryû Ishida, Kenpachi Zaraki, and Ulquiorra Schiffer. So... since I used to called it 'Team Gelweindorf', I tried to combine all of their first names. And, thus; I have 'Team Ulqryupachweindorf'.


Son of the Patriots
Feb 2, 2011
My own little world
If you've played Metal Gear Solid, you'll understand mine. In MGS the world is controlled by The Patriots, and SOP, or Sons of the Patriots, is a system of control using nanomachine technology to regulate everything that goes on in the world and everyone is under the control of the system.


Forever I am Abandoned
Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
I use "/th/" for my user title.

It is an abreviation of my user name in this website: TriforceHunter.

and it's also a refference, for lack of a better term, to a certain groups of forums in a certain website.

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