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A Link Between Worlds What Aspects of Zelda's Backstory Should Be Further Expounded?

I don't usually bump my own thread but I had some great ideas.

Where does the dungeon portion of the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess stem from? Why is it plagued by enemies at every corner?

Is there a connection between the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time and the Arbiter's Grounds in Twilight Princess?

Were the Goddess Sword and Four Sword created from the same sacred essence at some point at time? Did Hylia not bless the Four Sword somewhere down the line or a reincarnation of Zelda with the powers granted by the Triforce of Wisdom? Are the Wind and Fire elements the Kokiri Emerald and Goron Ruby from Ocarina of Time?

Why can the Kokiri children exit the forest? Did the Great Deku Tree have hidden intentions in lying to the people of the forest?

Why does the Triforce of Power grant Ganondorf near immortality but not have the same effect on Link in Skyward Sword?

What is the origin story of the Trident of Power? How was it created?


Probably mentioned before, but I'd like to know the origins of the Fierce Deity Mask. Was it connected to Majora's Maskk somehow? Was it evil? Why did the child on the moon have it and, supposing he symbolized Majora itself, why did it give the mask to Link, if by doing so greatly increased the chance of it being defeated by Link?

I don't know, Majora's Mask is my favorite in the series, so I'd love to know more about many things in it.

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