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Weird Coincidences in Zelda


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
This thread is just something to share about a weird coincidence of Zelda to the real world, etc.
I'll start this thread off with an example.
I'll go with the year 2000. What a great year for Zelda; Majora's Mask was released. This amazing game had a three day system in which you have to save the world, or else it gets destroyed. Coincidentally, in the year 2000, people believed that technology was going to end and so will the world. That's quite the weird coincidence, isn't it? Anyways, what are your guys' weird coincidences in Zelda, personal or not? Please take your time and share below! :nerd:
Dec 20, 2011
Never noticed but it seems entertainment often predicts or coincides with such events. Just look at comic books - they have predicted tuns of real life events beforehand! Plus the creators of such thing do live in the real world; I suppose on some subconscious level they may have included such coincidences un-coincidentally.

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