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Useless Junk

Oct 16, 2011
Why do I bother posting here? What's the point? What is life? Is it posting to many times on a random thread? Is it a pie? Can I hold it? Darf ich Deutsch mit es reden? Will anyone appreciate this long monolog and apostrophe towards life? Does it come from the heart? Is it something that can be held? Does it wither in the face of rage&anger, solitude&loneliness, sacrifice, age&time, emptiness, despair, destruction, intoxication, madness, or greed? How did I get to this point of useless random babbling from just boredom? How many questions must a man ask before he picks a road to walk down.

Life is what it be
Know I at all what that is
Maybe it's just some...

This is nearing to be my longest forum post here at ZD and yet it has no content. If this thread had a strongly defined purpose I might not have wasted so much time writing this random junk but hey. That dude asked for it therefore he gets it. I just worry that somehow this post may be lost before it is saved. A navigation away from this page at this moment would be truly tragic. What happened to me addressing life? What have I done to it to have it make me forget about it? This is requiring me to hit shift a lot especially for all of the "?" marks. What a pain. But such is my life. Pressing shift for useless question marks. It surprises me that I have yet to use a semi colon for I often make use of them. I often use pi(e) as a random subject; I don't like pie. I wonder why that is. I should probably post this and then continue to edit it and I think I will now. And so I did. It is rare when "and" is properly used at the beginning of a sentence. Because young kids doubtfully could consistently use it well, it is best to tell them to never start a sentence with it. I had another thought but my urge to hear awake my soul by Mumford and Sons outweighed it and now I forget it. I just red the bottom of the sig of Norm and it made me remember my wantingness to play Zelda in German. ♪Awaaaake my soul. and you were meant to meat your maker♪ Ya. You listen to it. Why do people make youtube videos of songs titled with lyrics when the lyrics are just in the description? It bothers me. Now I have really spent way too much time writing this. I have a lab report to be a writing. That's about it for now. Just know that I ain't dead yet.

Oh life are we now on the same page?
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