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Twilight Princess/Majora's Mask SU


Twilight Princess Lover
Link may have saved the world from Ganondorf and Majora but something more powerful then those combined has taken over. The Twilils fell into a curse by being tricked by Majora.
Now, Majora has brought Zant back and they need to take a soul from every species in the Hyrulian world to resurrect Ganon.
Only a selected few can stop Zant and Majora from bringing back Ganon. Who will join the quest? It is up to you now.

I'd really appreciate if you'd join. here's the sign up sheet:

Curse (Optional):

Here is mine:

Name: Lilyana Windsor

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Race: Hylian

Appearance: Lilyana is very tall for her age at 5' 5". She has wickedly long, brown hair that she always keeps in a messy bun held up by two small daggers that were given to her by Sophie, her guardian. She wears a simple, yet beautiful white dress with intricate, blue designs on the edges of the dress. She wears golden sandals with small wings to define speed and stamina. She has electric blue eyes, and is very pale, but healthy enough.

Personality: Lilyana has too cute of a face. But she can be fierce and is an amazing warrior, but sometimes she can be too loving. Lilyana can always see the good in people, even after they've done terrible things. She always has a smile on her face and a welcoming warmth in her eyes even though on the inside, she might not feel any at all. But when her friends are in danger, it's like the happy, beautiful Lily is gone and a fierce warrior has taken her place.
Lilyana loves nature. Trees, grass, rain anything at all. Her love for animals is so great, she may even talk to them as if they were people. She has a very vivid imagination.

Curse: Even though Lily may seem like everything in her life is perfect, it is not. As a baby, a curse was placed on her that every night, on the full moon, she will turn into a wolf. It, luckily, only lasts the night.

Weapon(s): The two daggers that hold up her hair and a golden bow that Sophie also gave her. It is always placed on her back alone with her golden quiver filled with arrows that never seem to run out.

Other: She was always trained for a prophecy. Her guardian, Sophie, was killed during the training when their secret hideout had been attacked by Gerudos. Ever since then, Lily tries not to get attached to people for the fear of losing them, but is still kind either way.


Nov 25, 2012
The Underground
Sounds interesting... ^^

Name: Darmonis Gorum
Nickname: Darm
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Goron
Appearance: He's... A Goron... Other than that, he has a tattoo of the Goron Symbol on his left arm, a wristband with different Goron expressions on it, and a black snapback hat with the Triforce on it. He wears a hat. Deal wid it.
Personality: He's really carefree and fun loving. However, when he has to fight, he goes all badass.
Curse: N/A
Weapons: Fists, body, and has the power to roll around with spikes. (Think MM Goron Link)
Other: Likes to dance.


Fury, Spirit, and Will
Mar 22, 2010
Hrm. I'm considering if I should go as Link for old time's sake, or go as someone else...


I make my own fate!
Oct 7, 2012
Name: Violet Ylissena
Gender: female
Age: 25
Race: 100% pure naturál Hylian
Appearance: Long light purple hair, braided on one side. She's about 5'7, and wears a black-violet robe with strange, twisting designs, black gloves, and armor beneath it all. She wears black leather boots.
Personality: She's calm and calculating, and can keep a level head in times of trouble, and is smart, cunning, and friendly.
Curse: Werewolf? Nah, she's a weredragon. Same idea, but turns on every new moon.
Weapon(s): Silver sword, strong lightning and fire magic.
Other: Tactician by trade


Fury, Spirit, and Will
Mar 22, 2010
Name: Link
Gender: Male
Age: 13-14
Race: Hylian (is convinced he is a dragon in human form)
Appearance: Green tunic, and brown shorts. Blonde hair and striking green eyes.
Personality: A little rude and impish. He loves a good joke and often thinks aloud. He can be a scam at times. Despite all this, he is at heart very caring.
Curse: He has berserker outbreaks from the swelling of potential
Weapon: Sword'n'shield. Also uses a bow and is familiar with many different weapons.
Others: He get's nervous around girls which gets in the way of his faux flirtish attitude. He could have the TriOCourage if allowed(you know, cause "Link-san")


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
I hope having two characters is allowed...I'll just post this one now and if you say I can, I'll post the other.

Name: Clipse

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Twili

Appearance: Orange eyes, no whites like the eyes of all twilis. Brown, short, slightly messy hair. Pale skin with dark markings, also like all twilis. Her markings are on her face, ears, hands, and feet. Face marking resembles a raccoon mask, ears are covered with the darker tone, hand and feet markings are like mitts. Wears a simple tunic, boots, and a headband.

Personality: Brave, loyal, and a bit of a joker.

Curse: The spirits of her dead parents, who were turned into shadow beasts by Zant and killed by the hero of twilight, have reached out to her. She can't see them, but she can hear their voices.

Weapons: Copper curved sword, bow with copper tipped arrows. Copper is used in twili weapons because of its ability to conduct magic.


Nine Tailed Hannya.
Feb 25, 2011
I'm probably reeeeeeeeeeeally late, but this looked really good, so imma sign up in hopes that I can join! I mean this looks like a fun adventure after all :3

Name: Aleks Miles
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Hylian
Appearance: Electric blue hair that falls to her waist, bright icy blue eyes, height is about 5'3'' which is short for her age, wears a fox hoddie ((looks like this and I actually have this one in real life too :3 http://www.punchbrand.com/images/detailed/1/orange-fox-hoodie-stripe-cuffs-01.jpg )), that also comes with a very real looking fox tail, yet doesn't look like its apart of the hoodie ((could she be hiding something? cx)) with black leggings and boots.
Personality: Very shy, but is also quite harsh, sarcastic, kind, can be quite funny, and very protective of the people she cares about.
Curse (Optional): This curse doesn't affect Aleks physically, but it does emotionally. Her boyfriend Eddie was turned into a wolf plush by Zant long ago.
Weapon(s): A pair of hidden ((or wrist)) blades, and a death scythe.
Other: She is determined to bring down Zant to reverse Eddie's curse.

Boy... That was fun to write! Still hope I can sign up though, this looks really fun :D

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