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Twili and Interlopers


The Unknown
Jun 18, 2011
Ok, I was really curious about this topic for a looong time. I always found the little backstory in Twilight Princess one of the most interesting. I was wondering whether the hierarchy amongst the Twili was determined due to power. Of course this is really obvious in many monarchies around the real world. The Dark Interlopers were said to hold immense power (nothing to be compared to the Triforce though), and when they were banished into the Twilight Realm, they went to a stage of evolution which became the Twili.

As noticed, the Twili are near humanoid, but not nearly as humanoid as their Interloper conterparts. Zant and Midna, are exceptions though. I think that they are powerful, because they are "purebreds", the closest to the Dark Interlopers. This is shown when Midna uses the powers of the Fused Shadow without difficulty of her controlling it. Thus, Midna was then chosen to become their ruler. Whatever the other Twili might hold is unknown, but I would really love it if Nintendo made a game which would at least give hints about this topic.

So what do you guys have on your mind about the Twili? Please correct me on my mistakes. I'm quite a dunce when it comes to Zelda. I barely started getting into the series :P


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
When the interlopers were banished to the Twilight Realm, they immediately transfigured into a shadow form in the light and eventually became known as the Twili. I don't know how their hierarchy came about, but the "purebred" thing may play in, as it wasn't just the interlopers that were sent through the Mirror of Twilight. If a criminal was dangerous enough, he/she was banished just like the interlopers, so that's not really a bad idea. I'd never really thought about it like that. Nice work. (Not that it matters to the canon, but still nice work.)


Ray of Silver
May 16, 2011
Actually, when it says that the Mirror of Twilight was used to banish Hyrule's worst criminals, I think it means the worst criminals, which, as we know, are the Interlopers and Ganon. I don't think anyone else did a crime bad enough to get themselves banished there.

But anyway, I think the other people in the Twilight Realm don't look as humanoid as Zant and Midna because they were transformed into Shadow Creatures. Even though the Sols were used to remove the "Shadow", they still remain slightly deformed and looking a little like Midna's imp form. I don't think those are their true forms, but maybe they eventually regain their real forms after you beat the game and Ganon's evil magic is washed away.

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