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TVT's Thread of Stuff


Guy What's Angry Now
May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
So I was originally just going to post this old MS Paint concept sketch I found in my Pictures folder, but then I figured I'm not prolific enough to justify making threads for every new fan work I do. So, this thread, where I'll put up whatever I end up making later.

Actually, someone should just put up a sticky thread for isolated minor fanworks that don't merit an entire thread, to save forum space (also, don't these types of forums automatically back up sticky threads or something? i can't remember if they do), so that serious threads devoted to specific art projects or fanfics don't get pushed to the bottom by classroom doodles like this.


So, this. This is essentially a quick sketch I did in Paint when I started thinking about what Link would look like if he possessed the Triforce of Wisdom rather than Courage. And when I was done, I figured maybe he should actually have both somehow, because otherwise, well, he wouldn't really be Link. So this is kind of a concept sketch of Link with two out of three Triforce pieces. And yes, I'm aware his feet look like deformed wooden claws or something. It was like six months ago and I hadn't really gotten feet down yet.

EDIT: Okay, I figured why not put the rest of my MS Paint Zelda stuff here.


The above are little sketchy banner images I made to break up the walls of text in Destiny's Hand. I should really start working on that again. Anyway, the top is Farore's Shrine, a big tree temple in the New Kokiri Woods (hypothetically where the Kokiri moved after whatever happened with TP's Forest Temple), and Din's Temple Architecture, the scaffolding for a future temple, taken over by evil. Last one sucks.

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