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Training Strategy

Sep 5, 2011
What kind of training strategy do you use? Why? Go ahead and discuss it, enlighten us with your amazingness at Pokemon.

Personally I simply arrange my Pokemon from weakest to strongest so my weakest goes out first. When I think the next move is going to kill him I switch to the next one. (Unless I'm fighting my brother in which case I simply go full-out brute forcing it. I lose of course.) :P


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Oct 27, 2011
I just train them level by level , I try keep my levels even , except when I'm going through the gyms and things , I always keep my starter 4 levels above the rest of my pokémon.


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Jun 30, 2010
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Meh, if I'm playing a new pokemon game for pleasure when it first comes out, I tend to just focus on my starter and just have him dominate.

Though I've recently learned how to evenly level in black and white so no level 100 charizard for me lol.
Sep 25, 2011
I always try to keep them level but typically, depending on the game, there'll be one that is able to surpass them all due to the type advantages against opponents. For instance, in Diamond and Pearl, there are a lot of water and flying type opponents so my Luxray ended up leveling up and growing more then my other pokemon.


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Apr 5, 2012
When I play through the game I always have a team of 6 Pokemon which work well together (variety of types etc.)
I train them evenly so they are all the same level and at least 10 levels higher than the gym Pokemon and trainer Pokemon
Then at the end of the game I get them all to level 100 and put them in a pc box for ever (basically) because they are not ev trained and wouldn't be good for competitive battle anyway.
Also, I always train my starter. :3
Apr 3, 2012
Actually, it depends which Pokemon game. I have different strategies for different games.but my general strategy would just be battling every trainer i see and never running from battles
Apr 4, 2012
If it's possible, I'll fight with my strongest pokemon and have a weaker one hold Exp Share. If not, I'll start the fight with the weaker one (usually in one where they'd get knocked out at the first hit. Something far beyond what they're capable of) and swap them out for a stronger pokemon so they get half the HP. It's probably not the most efficient way of training, but I've just always done it that way, haha.
Apr 4, 2012
Ganon's Castle
I get a pokemon with a good nature, give it pokerus and macho brace, and start ev training. sometimes, i feel like diglett's cave is being completely drowned by all the surfs i've used there in order to ev train for speed
I train pokemon that usually need certain condition to level up first like budew, togepi, evee form. Then I move onto to rare pokemon like female combee, muchlax, drifloom, etc. I do not train my starter until it has bonded with me with max friendship, but it still turns out well.

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