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Trading Sequence.

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The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Ok, so i'm almost done with OoT, and i thought that i could start the trading sequence. I know that you start off with the cucco, and i woke up "mario" already, but the cucco lady still won't give me the blue cucco. is there something wrong?
Jul 14, 2010
You have to wake up Talon in the house next to the stairs that lead to death mountain, then you take a blue cucco she gave you to the lost woods where the skull kid is to her brother who is turning into a Stalfos. Then go take the mushroom he gave you back to Kakariko Village and go behind the potion shop and go through the door and give the mushroom to the old lady, Its shouldn't be hard to do but you have 3 min to do that. Take the Powder she gives you back to the lost woods and he will be gone and leave behind the poachers saw, take the poachers saw to where the broken bridge is just before the Gerudos area, jump the bridge with epona and give the saw to him and he will give you a broken sword. Take the sword to the top of death mountain and a massive goron will appear and give you a perscription for eye drops, go to zoras domain and if you haven't already go to ice cavern and unfreeze the zora king with blue fire and show him the perscription. Now you only have 3 min again to take the frog to lake hylia, no warping allowed take it to the weird guy there in the building and he will give you the eye drop medicine, this time you have 4 min and you will need it. Go to Kokiri forest and go through the lost woods until you get to the path the the gorons and go through it, then go through behind darunia's throne into death mountain crater and climb to the summit and give the goron the eyedrops. Now you will have to wait three days and he will give you the biggoron sword.


Did you give the pocket cuccoo back to her? When you do that she gives you the blue 1 it was her brother's, it's name is cojiro... be nice and go give him to the creepy dude in the lost woods. He's the 1st left after you enter from the kokiri village.
May 25, 2008
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Oooookay there children. No need for 7 of the same answer to one question. Let's read other posts, not just the original poster's, before answering, shall we?

Greatly appreciated. :)
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