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Top Ten Final Smashes in SSBB


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Jun 15, 2010
Landmaster and PK Starstorm are overrated. Call me what you want, I can say I find most of the Final Smashes underwhelming in terms of threat. Am I just used to dodging them all? Probably, but that doesn't mean there aren't any scary moves to face.

The best in the game is Super Sonic, no doubt. Invincible, fast, powerful and he can't even self-destruct like so many other transformation Final Smashes. He is the only character that makes me shake every time I see him get a Smash Ball.
R.O.B.'s Diffusion Beam is a beast. Once it's got you, you're as good as dead. No attacking required. Best on smaller stages.
Ike's Great Aether, Marth's Critical Hit and (Toon) Link's Triforce Slash have got their strength. As does Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon, but I'm pushing it at this point. Those are the Final Smashes I find to be the greatest.
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10. Ness/Lukas - for no other reason other than its pretty.

9. Ice Climbers - On a small stage this move is a swine, unless you're playing as the Ice Climbers

8. Sonic - Can't die, super fast and super powerful. That is IF you don't play on the Green Hill Zone or get stuck in an obstruction.

7. Kirby - Chop chop, everyone in the pot!

6. Power Suit Samus - Like Mario's fireball only more devastating, but it does turn you into Zero Suit which is a massive negative.

5. Zelda - Squint and you can pretend you're in the Matrix if you hit something.

4. Link - If you hit your mark then its super fun time.

3. Mario - All encompassing deadly fireball? Yes please.

2. Captain Falcon - Flashy and funny, easy to dodge but nearly always a sure fire kill.

1. Yoshi - Flying dragon of dooooooooooom!! (and Cute)
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Jun 15, 2010
Oh, we can judge on appearances? In that case:







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May 26, 2010
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The most dangerous that I can think of is Marth's Critical Hit. It still has a bad hitbox, but it's essentially a one hit kill across several damage ratios. Ignoring K.O potential, my favorites are:

1. Triforce Slash (Link)
It looks awesome, and it's the embodiment of awesomeness. I've nothing else to say, really, except that it could use a LOT MORE knockback and overall damage.

2. Great Aether (Ike)
Again it looks really awesome, a ton of hits strung into a beautified combo. What I like most about this is its KO potential - my bro killed me at just 76% damage [I air dodged for momentum cancel and still died -.- ]

3. Cook Kirby (Kirby)
This might not be terribly useful and has very low KO potential, but it's still cool looking (everytime I activate it, I say "salt, salt, pepper here" lol)

4. Light Arrow (Zelda)
I can't remember which one is the vertical and which one is the horizontal...but I like Zelda's more than Sheik's regardless. Shehot

5. Mario Finale (Mario)
I only like this one because it looks cool; it has a horribly hitbox.

6. PK Starstorm (Lucas)

7-9. Landmaster (Falco, Fox, Wolf)
Poysonally, I prefer the *** <3

10. Negative Zone (Luigi)
If I like anything, it's a ton of status effects. NZ gives JUST THAT.


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Oct 28, 2012
Ehhh top 5

Negative Zone: Decent range and once you're inside it, Luigi can easily KO you with SJP. Can KO multiple people.

Triforce Slash: Good power and if it doesn't kill your opponent, it will leave them scared with roughly 80% more damage. What's more is that as a range fighter, Link can use his opponets fear of approach to his advantage and damage them from a safe distance with his other attacks.

Great Aether: Similar to the Triforce Slash, but weaker in terms of damage and the fact that it seems to pull opponents to the center of the stage makes it more likely for them to survive. However it has more potential for multiple KOs.

Super Sonic: The best transformation, but the problem is how difficult it is to control.

Landmaster: A beast when use on a small stage like Final Destination...but a joke when used on a large stage like Temple.
Jan 2, 2012
1. Beast Ganon (Ganondorf)
2. Great Aether (Ike)
3. Light Arrow (Zelda/Sheik)
4. Triforce Slash (Link/Toon Link)
5. Zero Laser (Samus)
6. Critical Hit (Marth)
7. Super Sonic (Sonic)
8. Wario Man (Wario)
9. Volt Tackle (Pikachu)
10. Negative Zone (Luigi)
Feb 23, 2011
  1. Beast Ganon;
  2. Triforce Slash;
  3. Great Aether;
  4. Aura Storm;
  5. Zero Laser;
  6. Blue Falcon;
  7. Arrow of Light;
  8. Giga Bowser;
  9. Critical Hit;
  10. Volt Tackle.

Honorable mention goes to Puff Up glitch... ;J


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Nov 12, 2012
Heh Heh Heh...
In no prioritized order:
Beast Ganon: Beast, no kidding.
PK Starstorm: End of the world, anyone?
Octopus: Is that a giant octopus? Yup. Should we run? Yup.
Light Arrow: Did that miss me? Nope.
Wario-Man: Does anyone smell something?
Triforce Slash: As if stabbing them normally didn't kill them.
Blue Falcon: Roadkill.
Landmaster: Oh hey, standing on top of this is safe! *flips over* Never mind.
Cook Kirby: Eww. Did you just put Wario in there?
Mario Finale: Mario's Kamehameha.

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