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Timeline Theories?

Apr 28, 2008
Impa (by Zelda's order) was there to bring them back, and at the end of a linked game we see zelda and co. back in hyrule and nayru in an unfamiliar village and din in an unfamilar forest, both of which I assume are in hyrule.
Their figurines state that they have come from holodrum and labyrnna.
Something that just came to me regarding this, I started playing MC again and looked at those figures and it appears that holodrum and labrynna might just be there homelands and they are coming to hyrule to live for the first time in MC. Hence why they went back there in the oracle games, they may just have decided to take a vacation or something. I also believe that nayru's figure states that she comes from a long line of oracles from Labrynna.


I think they go in the order that they where released. Nintendo doesnt have some big plot that will eventually connect. Its not the same link but usually the same gannon although he has hanged so it leads me to beleive their in the correct order already.
Jan 13, 2008
Washington, DC, United States
Wow! I am new here - never before been a member of a forum or anything like this. Anyway, I wanted to play the Zelda games growing up, but my parents wouldn't let me. They were afraid I would get lost in the games at the time, and I think they were right. Anyway, I'm grown up now and finally getting to play these awesome games. I have started with ALLTP and TP, and am in the middle of both right now. I have been intrigued with the timeline theory, but not having played them all, I am more confused the more I read on the subject. I guess I have two questions at the present -
1. In TP, many people you encounter in the game refer to a great hero in the past. This to my understanding is the golden wolf guy who teaches you all your hidden skills. But my question is this -is the great hero everyone in Hyrule speaks of Link from a previous game, or someone else? If so, which game would he come from ( my reading of the timeline theories thus far would lead me to believe it would be the OoT/MM Link. If that were the case, then is the guy who is teaching TP Link the hidden sword skills a spirit form of the OoT Link? Please no spoilers, I am about halfway through TP, so if I have asked a stupid question which I will later find the answer to, you can just tell me that. Like I said before, I'm new at this so I have a lot to learn.
Question #2: After completing the two games I have, what would be the best way to play the rest of the games in the series? Would it be best to start with the original adventure and play it out in the order of release? OR should I follow one of the timeline theories and play them in (supposed) chronological order of the history of Hyrule OR some other order based simply on gameplay? Hmm - I think too much. That's why I know I am going to love it here....
I think what you're thinking is the guy who teaches you the hidden skills is a link that had already died. Rememeber every 100 years there is a new zelda and link. The teacher is a skeleton with a sword and shield and his name is "The Hero's Shade." I'm guessing hes a dead link. I dont know what the name means but I think it means heros spirit or something.
Oct 18, 2007
How is there a new Zelda and Link every hundred years? LOL I think you're thinking theres a new male Gerudo every 100 years.

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