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The tysonrss Games


Keyblade Master
Jul 31, 2012
Within the hour I will be holding a single matchup with someone whom I deem worthy, this person must fight. They must beat me. They must totally pwn me into oblivion. If they do not, I will, yes WILL destroy this pathetic mudball of a planet. You have one hour, one hour to form the correct team. Anything goes.

Now let the 'tysonrss games' begin!

Black FC:2666 1354 4379


Competitive TF2 Medic
Apr 13, 2012
Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Realise I'm late cause I just got home from school, but I've never used the Friend Code system and would love to try it out (even if my desired team isn't built yet in game). Adding you now regardless.

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