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Majora's Mask The Perfect Final 3 Day Cycle Challenge!


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
I've done this kind of thing before. I make everyone possible happy on the last three days and get the remaining Heart Pieces (Pieces of Heart). I don't remember if I've done the Goron Races along with it, but either way, doing this stuff is pretty fun. And challenging. It's all timed rediculously. (The only person I can't make happy would be the Old Lady carrying the Big Bomb Bag. Wouldn't be able to do the Anju and Kafei quest.)
Apr 4, 2011
Great Bend Kansas
You just got to get everything right.
It's very possible, just very challenging.
This is to test your MM Skills. Just Give it a Try. :bleh:

Interesting though, he only says you have to beat the 4 bosses, not necessarily beat the temples. But I have to assume he means to do the temples as part of beating the bosses i.e. do this run on the 2nd cycle, right after you've returned to normal (which we all pretty much agree is impossible). Because if not, then it really isn't much of a challenge .. I always spend one cycle doing the A/K sidequest and saving the ranch/delivering the milk, and there's definitely plenty of time to fit in the other things in his challenge (if it meant bypassing the temples & just doing the bosses).

No, the Bosses Only, The Dungeons, Now THATS IMPOSSIBLE! Unless you do everything in God Like Speed maybe.
Apr 4, 2011
Great Bend Kansas
It is totally 100% Possible! I did all the Time zone Checks and Made a guide for it. Expect a Video guide of it soon!
Perfect 3 Days Guide (With Time Sheets!)
Version 1.0
Created By Elick (c) 2011-2012
[email protected]

1.0 Basic guide.

Next Update
1.1 Navigation.

Author's notes:
Hi Guys! I'm Silverelick but my friends call me Elick. A Few Months back I posted on a forum about a Perfect 3 Day challenge, that I was told impossible cause of
the time. What people don't realize its totally possible. I ran the Times plenty of times in my head, and I have double checked them with Many guides an I came to the Conclusion,
that it is 100% Possible. Now bare With Me this is my first guide EVER! I think I did pretty good. Anywho I'll be doing edits such as...
"Spell Correction, Better Descriptions for things. Added Tips. and possible Optional Events."

Non Time Event Chance- Odolwa-

At the Begining of the Cycle slow down time and go to WoodFall. Warp to the
Boss Odolwa And Kill him if you have the Gilded Sword the dude is a Cake walk.
You should have enough time to kill to save the Deku Princess.

Event 1 Day 1 - Knife Chamber.
Other Events That can Happen before hand: Odolwa
Time zone is 1:50PM to 3:50PM

Okay here is the To start things off is with the Anju & Kafei Quest!
Basically to Save EVERY SINGLE OUNCE of Time, when need the key to the Room.
It's so we don't Waste a Beat by having to use the Deku flower go in the stock
pot inn and I think it's the only way Kafei can get in....
(Don't quote me on that.) Make sure to ONLY TALK TO ANJU AT THIS TIME ZONE
AND NOT AS A DEKU! Talk to her any earlier and you will screw up the chance of getting the
Key.If you need time to kill, get some cash to stock up on everything Including a
Powder Keg.

Event 2 Day 1 - Kafei's Letter
Other Events That can be done Before hand: Knife Chamber
Time zone is 2:10 PM to 8:00 PM

Mail call! okay Horrible Pun. Once the Mail Man Leaves Talk to Anju wearing Kafei's Mask.
Now I know i'm spelling this out for you, and you can only do this with a save with pretty much everything but...
quiet you! Any who this will trigger the First event that you think might be impossible. Anju's Meeting with you.
People Think it Kinda mixes in Horribly with the Ranch quest but it doesn't! in fact you have the Time to do both!
Anyway Agree to meet her and be on with your merry way!

Event 3 Day 1 - Romani Ranch's Issue...
Other Events That can Be Done Before hand: None....(So you don't over skip time here.)
Time Zone All Day (Not NIGHT) on First Day.

Get 1 Powder Keg and Blow up the rock! Talk to Romani and Set up the event...
After watching the Cutscene, agree to Meet her. Okay Next!

Non Time Event Chance- Goht-

Now we are just Killing Time here tell the Big Alien Showdown!
Head to Snowhead and Basically Beat Goht... Thats it. Also Make sure you pick up
another Powder Keg for the Races.

Non Time Event Chance- Goron Races.-
Required Events- Goht

The Goron Races are Easy... To me... If it's night time though that might be a
problem. If you don't have the Time, Come back to it on Day 2.

Event 4 Night 1 - Anju's Meeting
Other Events you can do Before hand: Goht, Goron Races, Save the Cows.
Required Events- Kafei's Letter
Time Zone 12:00 AM to 6:00 Am (All nighters are tough.)

Okay This event is interchange able with Event 5 but I do this one for the
sake of time Saver. The Event should only take you about 30 Minutes. (Game Time.)
Giving you a clear window to save the Ranch. NOTE: Make Sure to drop off the Letter before hand.

Event 5 Night 1 - Save the Cows!
Other Events That Can Be Done Before Hand- Goht, Goron Races, Anju's Meeting.
Time Zone - 2:00 AM (DO NOT BE LATE!)

This is one of the Harder Parts to this Challenge.
But over the Years I don't have much problems with it.
Quick Tips!
-Don't Do it on horse Back.
-Stay Near the Barn.
-Shoot the aliens Before the get 26 Meters to the Barn (just Eyeball it.)
-Watch your Mini Map.
Follow these tips and you should be good.

-Day 1 Over-

Event 6 Day 2 - A Date with Cremia!
Other Events Before This- None.
Required Events- Save the Cows!
Time Zone - Preferd to be at the Start of Day 2.

You Saved the Day again Trebeck! SNL Jokes aside, Head in to the Barn and Talk
to Romani's Big Sister She will let you go with her to deliver milk. This is
all for Story, But we are doing it cause we are ninjas! Promise to meet her at six.
MAKE SURE TO WARP BACK HERE BEFORE NIGHT! I can not stress that enough. Also that Circus leader
mask will help out here. But untill then...

Non Time Event Chance- Gyorg.

This boss has ruined my childhood! It wasn't tell a year back that I found an
easy way to handle him. Though he is Pretty tough, for me that is. Other's might have problems to.
Here are some tips!
-Shoot him with an Arrow.
-Go in as Mikau and Magic barrier him.
-Get back to the footing.
-Repeat until he is dead.
That should show that over grown magikarp what for!

Non Time Event Chance- Playing with the Band
Requied Events- Gyrog

This one is simple, just play with the band. Let Mikau last band session be a great one.

Event 7 Day 2 - I'm Kafei, I MAKE THE SMASHTASM!
Other Events Before hand- Gyorg, Playing with the Band.
Required Events- Anju's Meeting, (And the The Letter Drop off.)
Time Zone - 4:10 Pm to 6:00 Pm

Okay unless you Know who Shippidge is, then you wouldn't get the joke.
Anywho Meet with Kafei as Early as possible. Get the Pendent from him.
Thats it... Go see Anju, and Give her the Pendant to ensure she stays.

Event 8 Day 2 - Bandit Keith
Other Events Before This - I'm Kafei, I MAKE THE SMASHTASM!
Required Events- A Date with Cremia!
Time Zone 6:00 PM DO NOT BE LATE AGAIN!!!!

Okay Make sure to get there before Night fall!!! Key word BEFORE.
Any Later and you Could Miss the event. Cremia has to get going.
(Optional: Equiped the Circus Leaders mask to make Life Easier.)
Or you can Be a Total Baller and do it with out it. If so here are some tips!
-When the Bandits Start Moving up Shot them.
-The Animation is a Key time to hit them.
-Make sure to not hit them when they already at the point where they can't lose ground.
-Wear the Bunny hood... Wait what?
Yup... oh and your Prizes are.... 200 Bucks! or a Hug from a chick... YES!

Optional Event But recommended.- UNLIMITED POWER!!!!
If you weren't Lucky enough to get a hug from a girl. (Bathe you Filthy Beast!)
Then you can use thouse 200 Smackaroos to get a free chateu Romani. This is Going to be Needed
for the Moon and the Stone Tower boss. Drink it and be filled with the gloryness.

Non Time Event Chance- Twinmold

There are two ways of Killing this guy!
Way 1 Boom Headshot. (Waste of Ammo.)
Light arrow the Heck out of these guys' Tails
Giant's Mask your Way to Lala Land!
With that done we move on to the Last Day!!!!

-Day 2 Over-

Event 9 Final Day - Kafei is in another Castle.
Other Events Before This - None
Required Events - I'm Kafei, I MAKE THE SMASHTASM!
Time Zone 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Talk to the guy in there who is not Kafei. Get the Letter from him. okay done.

Event 10 Final Night - Sakon's Hideout of EVIL...
Other Events Before This- None
Required Events - Kafei is in another Castle.
Time Zone 6:00Pm

If this get's Screwed up then We have to Restart. Then we will rage, possibly bust
a hand by punching a wall in sheer anger. or laugh it off with tears rolling down your face.
-Hide where Kafei is.
-Don't Talk to Sakon.
-Don't Let Sakon See you once your hiding with Kafei.
-Go in the place once the hide out is open.
Okay Your in! Great! Now get ready for a kinda hard Puzzle. TIPS!
-Equip the Bunny hood. Trust me.
-As Kafei, AVOID ALL RED SWITCHES, HIT EVERY YELLOW ONE, and go for the blue switches.
-As Link, Put you Ninja Skills to the Test and Kill Every enemey Quickly.
Do it in time and your good. But it is past Midnight... Oh Nayru.

Event 11 End of the World - Um Age Difference Fetish Much?
Other Events Before This- None.
Required Events - Sakon's Hideout of EVIL...

Go see Anju, wait for Kafei. See the Cutscene, Grab the Cash you greedy person.
Put it in the bank. Skull Kid Time... Oh BOY!

Event 12 End of the World - 100 steps in each direction.
Required Events - Events 1-11 + Non time events.

WOW! Really Cutting it close aren't we? Anywho... (>)(v)(A)(v)(>)(^). ( Man I love this song!)
Watch that Cutscene... Get eaten by the moon... same old same old.

Event 13 The Moon - Mini Dungeons
Required Items- Every Mask

Time for the Dreaded Moon Mini Dungeons. Talk to the Kids. Play Hide and Seek. Also... Have fun on the Goron Dungeon.
Deku Dungeon Tips
-Time each drop right.
-Fly ahead of time.
-Go for the Gold Flowers.
Goron Dungeon Tips
-Take a Teleporter First to Postion Correctly.
-Do Not press the Anlog stick at all after speed is built up.
-Hope to god you can get through it.
Zora Dungeon Tips
-Go Left
-Go Left
-Go Left
-Go Right
-Go Right
Link Dungeon Tips
-Room 1 Dinofol- Just use the Great Fairy Sword.
-Room 3 Garo Master- Jump out of the Way when he Attacks, Then use the Great Fairy sword to Kill him Quickly.
-Room 5 Iron Knuckle- Jump Attack, BackFlip, Repeat until dead.
-Make sure to Bring Extra Bombchus.

Final Event - Majora's Mask
Okay You can use the Fierce Deity's Mask and Make it no fun, so I always do it as Normal Link. Okay here is my Tips Perphase!
Phase 1-1: Majora will start spining and Flying around. I found it best to wait for it to dive down Run Quickly behind it and Z target Arrow it.
Do a Quick Lunge with the Guild sword to Start Phase 1-2.
Phase 1-2: The Other Mask will Join in now. They only Take 2 Arrows though. Kill them All and Proceed to Finishing Majora.
Phase 2: Look at Him/Her go! Shoot him/her down and Lunge Slash it. I think about Twice should do.
Final Phanse: Here is where the Fun Begins! I'm Asuming your playing this as Normal Link so here are some Pro tips!
-Whip attacks are blockable.
-She will try to grab you, its a different type of Animation so you can tell which is which.
-The Tops Explode, so Look out.
-If she is being a pain to hit with you sword, an Arrow Shot will stun Her.
-She Likes to Spin, so block her when she starts, cause she might hit you while your trying to stun her.
-Don't Die.

When Majora Finally Falls. You can say to yourself. I totally just did the Perfect 3 Day challenge! (Elick Version anyway.)
If anyone can Link me to the Zelda Dungeon's Perfect 3 Day Challenge, I'll Do a Guide on that to. Also a Video Guide of it Will be made soon.
I'm Just playthrough again, but this time completing. So it will be my first time 100% Majora's Mask. From the Time Zones and Such the.
This is Totally Do able, you just got to be quick.

If there is anyother Event that might work in this challenge that was not listed, shoot me an Email at [email protected].
This is my guide. I'm thinking about uploading it to GameFAQs, or show case it here to see if I can be come staff. Keep in mind I was half asleep when I made this, so errors are expected as in Spelling. But my insights are top notch. I'll be adding edits later, but now I need to get some sleep.
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Hylian Knight

Green Armored Menace
Sep 28, 2010
Well duh it's possible this way but you made it seems like to try this right after you turn into back into a human which is impossible by that standard unless you've practically memorized the game.


has eaten a boulder!
Sep 2, 2011
Zora cape, Termina.
Nice. ive done this before. it is super mega ultra fun.

once tou get rid of the 'temple' part of it, and that you can already have all the masks and the crap beforehand, it seems actually quite easy.
Apr 4, 2011
Great Bend Kansas
News on the Video

Okay so! I'm doing a practice run. and I can tell you this. You can do a lot more than what the guide tells you. I'll be doing an update on it later.
Right now I'm going to finish my Practice run and then I'll record it all and edit it in a Nice Big Video for you guys.
One thing though

Should I:

Do it all in one sitting?


Take breaks?


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
This is in fact an easy challenge if you are skilled enough, i did it, i wiped out all four bosses in the first day (using inverted song of time) i took a break in between the fights to start of kafei and anju, finished the boss fights before 6.pm and dealt with day2 quicker the final night was tricky as hell i managed to get into the tower after i finished with kafei and anju with a few seconds to spare and the moon dungeons arn't hard at all and neither is majora. (i have completed this game 100% and on a 3 heart challenge numerous times(obviously seperately you can't do a 3 heart and 100% together)
Dec 29, 2011
United States
Not possible. Period. It realy just ca't be done, unless you had a hack to make time not run. Imagine being in a dungeon and having to leave it to fufil a part of the Anju and Kafie quest. Also all the moon dungeons cannot be accessed without all mask. You can't save the ranch until you get the powder keg in Snowhead. Also it has to be the 1st day. Just cannot be done.
Dec 22, 2011
it MUST at be least a 2x 3 day cycle because at the beginning of the game you must be a deku then the 2nd you must learn the song of healing then bla bla bla then beat the game


Dec 22, 2011
This seems very hard but I know it is possible. I did most of this stuff in one run other then the Anju and Kafei quest (I had enough time to do it but I didn't) and returning the Deku Princess (again, I had enough time but I just didn't do it).

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