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The OoT Spoof Sign Up


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
Yeah, it's the same thing. But I didn't make the title proper, so people didn't really understand too much. Well, here are the current people in it:

Link: Hero of Time
Name: Sully

Navi: MarinetheWitch
Name: Marine

(made up fairy partner): Atsuma
Name: Atsuma

Saria: mandym287 (I don't know if I got the numbers right)
Name: Maddie, I guess. She didn't tell me a name.

Mido: @lex MM
Name: Alex

Zelda/Sheik: TreeHuggerPanda
Name(Zelda): Pandora
Name(Sheik): Ketsas

Ganondorf/Phantom Ganon: Darktimeleader
Name: Whatsittoya(lol)

Rauru: jetter
Name: Viviban

Bongo Bongo: MetaPwn
Name: Shmoopy (:P)

People need to be: Malon, Talon, Ingo, Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, Volvagia, and Morpha.

I don't know if I missed anybody(note that I purposfully left out Gohma because it has such a short part). It's not going to be in script form.
Anybody else want to sign up?

Well, I can finally make the first chapter!


Randomus Pervertus
May 13, 2010
i want to be ruto but my name will be sheina and i will be more obsessed with link than the actual princess ruto was just to be amusing :P


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
Okay pieblock265 your Darunia and your name is Mr. Fuji.

SheikahWarrier your signed up as Ruto named Sheina(sorta sounds like Sheik!).

You don't have to do anything, it's just signing up for my story that's all. Signing up puts you in the story.


Feb 25, 2010
And you miised me. I was the great deku tree. He was important at the beginning. And he gave you koriks emrald, and you need that to advance. And can the name be zordo?

Nayru's Aide

This might be a little off, but could I be the Magic Bean salesman? He was a favorite comic character of mine, always munching on... potato chips? That's what my brothers and I theorized. If this is a spoof, then the bean salesman would work great! Oh, and I never exactly explain my name.

Also, how exactly will this work? Do we write all of our character's parts, and go on in a Round-Robin story?

Midna's Sister

I'm the TwilightPrincess!
Jul 23, 2012
In the Twilight Realm
If Ruto and others are taken, then can I be MAlon? I sure have sass, and I'd like to be called kitty. (i sound like a softie i know... it makes it all the more funny when i'm not.)

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