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Zelda Art The (Not) Daily Life of a Kikwi: Part 1

Jun 16, 2012
Faron Woods
This is the legend of a one Kikwi's desire to travel the world in search of another Kikwi, the very leader of his tribe.
Part 1: When Kikwis can Fly.
"Huh....Kwee!"Machi had exclaimed once he saw Bucha at he top of the Great Tree.
"Kweeeee!! Bucha what are you doing there?!!!" Machi screamed at the top of his lungs.

Machi zoomed to the Great Tree trying to get to the top, but Bucha jumped down the giant tree
Machi was about to faint when he noticed something. Bucha was not falling, but parachuting through the woods. Machi was relieved to see that the his tribe leader was not in any harm at all. The little Kikwi stood on the forest floor as he watched the giant, brownish-colored leader float above the green Faron Woods. Bucha's parachute looked similar to Link's sailcloth, but only bigger. Once down, Bucha jumped in excitement.

"Bucha! I'm glad you're safe!" Machi jumped on to Bucha's belly and squeezed on to him.
"Well....kwee. That was supposed to be...kwee...your present." Bucha had confirmed
"My present? What have I done to receive that prize and plus it's to big for my size," Machi said surprised
"That was the problem. I didn't know your size. Are you 10 feet high? No, your 20 feet high that's it." Bucha guessed. Machi ignored his answer and continue squeeze on him as tight as he could.

It was only morning, but Machi had already had a very LONG day.
"So why do you want me to have the sailcloth anyway?" Machi repeated
"First of all, your the smartest and second of all, your the clumsiest. Kwee," Bucha stood up
"The clumsiest?" Machi wondered if he was that clumsy.
"I did see you fall off a cliff, but luckily you landed on a tree. Kwee.To prevent that from happening, I made you this."
"Well gee.....thanks,"
The two lazily walked backed to the other Kikwis.

Should I continue it or not?

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