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The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

It was a solid Direct Mini. Persona finally confirmed for Switch, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope confirmed for October, Portal out on Switch today, Live a Live demo, Super Bomberman R 2, Nier Automata on Switch, Mega Man Battle Network Collection, Monster Hunter Sunbreak. I predict that people will still complain because we knew about most of these announcements beforehand, but I think the presentation largely delivered. Switch getting so much third party support more than 5 years in is amazing for a Nintendo system.


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This is probably the best direct mini yet, though that isn’t exactly saying much. A lot of stuff that I know people are really happy for, but its kinda hard for me to get exited when ~90% of it was just ports of old games. Mario + Rabbids is the only game here that I might get, with an emphasis on might.

Also, I’m getting increasingly sick of seeing Monster Hunter Rise showing up in every direct, especially since its almost always used as a headlining announcement.


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Jun 16, 2020
Persona on Switch is cool for fans. Maybe I'll finally play one of the games now that they're on there.

Most interesting to me is Harvestella. Looks like one of the first games I've seen to try to match what Rune Factory does, at a glance anyway. The visual style is lovely. Gonna keep my eye on that one.

Pac-Man World remake is very surprising, though I'd honestly be more excited if it were a remaster/remake of 2. Loved that game. Maybe the remake of the first game will make a remaster of the second more likely.

Everything else that was shown is fine, I suppose.


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This was actually much better than I was expecting it to be. Persona 3, 4, and 5 on Switch was a huge highlight and a long time coming, and I’m really looking forward to them. Nier is also great, even though I won’t be getting it since I’ve already played it so much. I forgot about Portal, so it was nice to hear about it being released today. Then there were lots of neat little gems too, like Blanc and Harvestella. Very solid Direct overall.


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Nier was probably the biggest surprise for me, after a while I just didn't expect it to come so it's cool to finally see it

there was a lot of other good stuff too, pretty decent direct all things considered


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I haven't seen the direct mini yet, I'm probably gonna watch it later today though. Gotta say looking at the posts here a couple of these games actually sound pretty good. My dad texted me from work earlier just to say this-
So I am much excited on his behalf. Still a little annoyed that we didn't get a full direct but they did still show us some good games outside of Xenoblade Chronicles so hooray!

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Aside from Sunbreak which is always cool to see taking headlines like it deserves, I think the only games I'm gonna be getting at some point are Nier Automata and Persona 5 Royal. Ive been saying for years I'd try them if they ever came to switch.... Now I gotta put up or shut up :sweating:

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