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The Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood??!!


Pokalink the avaricious
Feb 5, 2012
Outset Island
So we all most likely remember a "supposedly," new Zelda game called Valley of the Flood in wich a boy pursues being a hero when in reality he is not, although Nintendo quickly shot this down as a fraud would you want it to be real? Although it probably wont happen what did you think of it? Would you want a new Zelda game like this? I personaly would as it would close a gap in the Timeline and actualy sounds like an interesting plot. Your Thoughts? Yes, no?


Fluffy hair!
Jun 15, 2010
Ah, I remember this. It unnerved me at first because just a few days before hearing about it, I had a dream about a new Zelda game where Link would not be the protagonist...

To put it simply -- no. I personally would not want Valley of the Flood happening, not to mention the fact that the premise was too flawed to actually make a good game to fit into the series. First off, Zelda is not a series with dark and tragic endings. Bittersweet, maybe, but not to the point where everything and everyone would drown from eternal rains sent from the gods, which was exactly what would happen at the end of VotF. From the beginning of the game, you'd know that the world is doomed -- the Hero has not appeared, and Ganon is wreaking terror and chaos onto the world. Everywhere you'd go, you'd see people praying to the Goddesses for help. Everything is basically a depressing mess.

This is especially because the protagonist you play as -- the guy trying to take Link's role as the Hero -- is not destined to do anything, or else The Wind Waker never would have happened. He is not the wielder of the Master Sword, and therefore, he would be unable to slay Ganon and put an end to the terror. Knowing this, a game made with this plot would be a game that wouldn't fit with Zelda. There is absolutely no happy ending in the traditional Zelda sense.

All that being said, personally, I wouldn't exactly want a steampunk Zelda anyway. I'm pretty sure this would be a nice game out of the Zelda series, but if it was to be a canon title, it just wouldn't feel... Zelda.
I recall the rumors surrounding this title and as the devil's advocate for this thread I would have loved for this idea to be finalized.

Link failing as the chosen hero is an idea that has already been done before, just not seen in game. Look no farther than the Hyrule Historia Timeline. Ocarina of Time splits into three branching pathways, one where Ganondorf is prevented from rising to power or the Child Timeline as well as two alternate adult endings, where the hero is successful or the hero is defeated. Often times videogames are romanticized mediums of entertainment wherein the hero always emerges on top and the forces of evil are vanquished. The notion of the protagonist dying would not only skake up the franchise but the entire industry.

In terms of story, we could finally learn more regarding Ganondorf's feelings of self-pity and anger directed towards the Gods in The Wind Waker. While he certainly was bitter from being locked up in the Sacred Realm for so long, perhaps there is yet another impetus for his actions? Nintendo wanted to manifest that the hellbent king of darkness changed his ways and this would be the perfect method through which to manifest that transformation.


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Jul 7, 2012
Deku Palace
No. No matter what you would fail, like in the facebook game stick run you matter how long your going in the end you will fail, its just a waste of time.
I saw Valley of the Flood being a very interesting concept, while I didn't like the idea of playing a Zelda game without Link I think that the feel of it would have been quite akin to the Wind Waker in that the Link in that game was constantly living in the Hero of Time's shadow. I remember a scene in Wind Waker where the Deku Tree asked if Link was the Hero of Time and the King of Red Lions said 'unfortunately not', give the kid a break. In this sense i saw Valley of the Flood being darker and desperate game, the character could have looked a lot like Link too, as well as possessing a lot of similar-items, hell he could have been called Link or at least called himself Link and would have been referred to as Link by other characters, just to help wash over the fact that it wasn't him and push i into the background a little....

One thing that really told me that the Valley of the flood was fake was that if it preceded Wind Waker then the technology in Hyrule couldn't have been as advanced as the rumours said it to be because in Wind Waker we eventually travel to old Hyrule under the waves. While it would have been good to have been met with a new Hyrule and wonder what the hell we had missed between OoT and WW, it was still a kick to revisit the Temple of Time as it kind of once was.

As for the failing no matter what; i'm surprised that people are so against the idea. None of us here play Zelda exclusively so we'll have all played games that are very different to it, one game I recall is one of the Halo games where in that you fail no matter what. It was a prequel game, detailing a lost battle in the franchises narrative, your character WILL die, but I heard no qualms from anyone about that and in fact the end of that game was pretty powerful.
Were the Valley of the Flood to be released now, we all know that the Link-that-never-was would fail in the end and the game would reflect this throughout, perhaps it'd even be more cinematic than previous Zeldas and use a voiceover from the dead character like Kaileena in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, or a character that existed as the Link-the-never-was' sidekick. A narrative where the character is doomed to fail is not always such a bad thing.
Another of my favourite movies Danny Boyle's 2007 sci-fi movie Sunshine did exactly that and it was a very beautiful and power and moving film, emotions like these are what I'd like to see in a Zelda and so far Wind Waker is the only one to bring forth any emotion in aside from the nostalgia i feel with older games in the franchise.

Valley of the Flood could have been nice, but thats just my opinion.

We all want a Zelda that really mixes things up and pushes forward... *Stares at the chapter that never was*


Jul 1, 2012
Here's my view this game prob wont happen because there would be no Link but the fact that the Hero dies dosn't really matter as it would be in an epic final cut scene were he could risk his life to save someone or Hyrule.

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