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The Gamecube Version of Return to Dreamland


Jan 24, 2011
probs russia
((This is just a Copypasta from my account post on the Kirby Club forums... soooo enjoy? i guess???))

"I would now like to move onto the topic of the gamecube version of Return to Dreamland.
"It would have just been the same on the gamecube" -one of my internet friends
Actually, the more I look at previous images i had found on the internet a while before Return to Dreamland came out, the gameplay and story would have been so much different if it was released on the gamecube, and hears some reasons why.
But before you read onward, i may suggest beating Return to dreamland first, to avoid any spoilers you might see in this current post.

If return to dreamland was released on the gamecube, it would have
-not had King DeDeDe, Meta Knight, or Bandanna Dee as playable characters, it would have been your choice of any helpers from Superstar Ultras, "Helper to Hero" game
-level 5, otherwise known as "Nutty Noon", would have not looked like it has. It would have been some dark tower. Shown in the picture below. But if you look at this picture, and than look at the warpstar menu in Return to Dreamland, nutty noon looks more like this, and not what it actually looks like on the level area for it. Maybe nintendo did this to show how different things would have been.
-magolor would have most likely not been the final boss, let alone existed
-the graphics would have leaned towards Kirby air rides, and 20% of the game would have been reused material
-emerald Kirby would have not existed in both games either way
-mirror Kirby would still not exist
-Kirby would change color to a certain copy ability he would get, not stay pink (EX: Ice ability makes you turn blue; Fire Ability makes you turn red)
-the game would have probably leaned towards SuperStar Ultras gameplay, where helpers where your main source of help, and would have been significant to the small amount of plot at certain points in the game
-Meta Knight and King DeDeDe would have not been included in this version
-Plasma Kirby would replace Spark Kirby in this version, not be combined.
-leaf, whip, and all super abilities would have never existed
-the game may not have taken place on PopStar
-nintendo would have released Epic Yarn at a later date
-nutty noon would have been the final level"

there are more Gamecube screenshots here, if you would like to take a look:
i might add to this again later, but for now, this is all i got.
But something a little off the gamecube version, through my findings about this, i learned that there was supposed to be a super Cutter ability, but it was canceled due to it being to similar too ultra sword.

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