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The End of One Era, and the Birth of a Next.


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
The video game industry has been going on for a very long time, and has noted many numerous successes and failures. There are those who were there to see the Odyssey get released as the first real video game console. There were times when people could enjoy the Atari 2600 and its wide selection of games. There were the hardships of the video game crash. Then, when all hope seem faded, the NES came. Afterwards there came many surprises of sorts and enjoyments.

I was there to enjoy the first sight of the N64 and Mario 64 as the first free roam 3D platformer. Yes... there were many things to enjoy about the video game industry. The innovation and creativity has come and passed by with the smiles and
Now we have come to the modern era, and video games have become one of the largest entertainment mediums. But, something is changing, what it is I cannot tell. The trend has been slowly passing to the digital age, and the physical medium is falling out of the now.

This has been happening in different places though, DVDs are slowly vanishing, and ebooks are becoming the new rage. In all this change, one has to think of video games.

What makes this sadder for me than the other pieces of entertainment is the future of the franchises we know and love. Will the big business industries learn to conform and transfer their franchises to the virtual world, or will they continue to struggle with the old practices until they fail and falter with our favorite franchises going with them?

Yes, I know that you probably know whom I'm referring to, our fair Nintendo. It makes you wonder where they, with the largest selection of first party games in the world, shall go. When everything has gone digital, will they continue to put out physical and drive into the niche?

The thought saddens me and intrigues me, not just for the future of games, but for gamers as well. I am mostly referring to us older gamers.

If our old franchises do go the way of the dinosaur, it would be very sad wouldn't it? We would never walk again in the beauty of a new Hyrule field for us to explore. We could never jump forwards in the Mario franchise. Samus would hang her plate forever, and so on.

We've also seen this become a trend in many other places as well. Many RPGs are slowly fading away now that people have grown away from the grind fest of the old days and only the largest franchises are still there.

The horror genre has all but gone to doom now that the action genre has brought it to its knees.

Yet all is not despair, for the coming of the future has yet to come, and we do not know what is in store. For many things change for the better too. Many niche ideas have fallen to the work of indie developers and they do their best to keep them alive in their digital forms, and I am glad for that. True, many things are fading away, and doubtless, many thing will disappear for good, but we still have yet to see...

So what do you think of all this change of trends eh? What say you?

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