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The Deal Breaker

Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
To be honest, if its more of the same then i won't buy it. I'm sick of Zelda catering to the hardware instead of the gamer now. The only reason PH/ST and SS seem to have been made was to show off what the console can do (ironically for SS, at the end of the Wii's life). I know at least one Zelda game for every console is a given but the games are designed around what the hardware can do now and it isn't pushing the series forward in the aspects i want like the story and or the world it is held in. SS was a motion control game for me, not a Zelda game, same with Ph and ST ebing stylus controlled games and not Zelda. If WiiU is a gamepad game instead of a Zelda then i'm not buying it.

Exactly. Well, I wouldn't say that I'd avoid Zelda games if they'd continue this trend of creating a good system game rather than a good Zelda game, but I'd start to lose respect for the series. I've already disillusioned myself from Pokemon because of the horrible stagnancy going on there. Case in point: Pokemon's creators didn't bother making Black and White OR their sequels for the 3DS instead of the DS despite the 3DS being out for quite awhile, the reasoning being that they didn't "need" to. That sounds an awful lot to me like, "In spite of being one of the most hugely successful video game franchises, we're not going to upgrade anything about our games because we don't feel like investing our time and money." Pokemon games are still fun, I acknowledge that, but I've lost my respect for the series because it refuses to move forward in a significant way.

But to get back on track, Nintendo's in danger of doing something similar to The Legend of Zelda. Most recent Zelda games have been focused on being unique experiences for the system rather than unique experiences in Zelda. Its games are still pretty good, but it's losing much of what made it important in the first place (open world exploration, fast-paced combat, streamlined sidequests). It's now about how the latest technology and trends can make puzzles and combat more impressive, not about how to idealize the Zelda experience.

I just realized today that, as far as I know, Skyrim has not received nearly the polarity Skyward Sword has. I'll check on that in a moment, but I haven't noticed it so far. Skyrim apparently evolved the Elder Scrolls series, meaning it both became different and improved. Judging by fan reaction, Skyward Sword has simply changed - become different - rather than improved. Still an awesome game and one of my favorites, but it's time Nintendo rethinks their current mindset, looks at the simple fanbase instead of just the professional reviewers, and focuses on making the next installments awesome Zelda games, not just interesting Wii U/3DS games.

Very little would be a deal breaker for my love of Zelda. One might be if Nintendo inexplicably took a Duke Nukem approach to the series (Link is a high-testosterone swearing womanizer, Zelda wears a bikini for the whole game, guts and brains are constantly flying around the screen, etc.), but I sincerely doubt that would ever happen. It would be a deal breaker if it did, but I don't think it'll occur. Honestly, the only other deal breaker I can think of is if preliminary reviews indicated it was a mediocre or bad game, in which case I'd probably hold off and wait for the next installment. The only two games I've decided to ignore are Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks due to the constant flack they receive, but who knows, I may give them a chance one day as well.

Not Take Mirror

Sage of Ice
Dec 8, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
I haven't found anything in a Zelda game yet that I would consider a deal-breaker. There are things I didn't particularly care for like motion controls or using the microphone to play the Spirit Flute but if it was re-used in another Zelda game, I'd still play it.

The deal-breaker for me would be something that made the game distinctly un-Zelda-like. Something with extreme gore and violence. A game trying to represent an entirely different genre like a first-person shooter or a racing game. Or a game that took important features of what makes Zelda, Zelda-ish out. Imagine a game with no dungeons, no boss battles, no Link, no rupees or comparable money system, no hearts or life meter, no special items or upgrades, etc.
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Apr 22, 2012
well the sky and fi both made me nearly hate skyward sword along with the robots in the lanayru province. i really want the next game to have a big open overworld where i can feel free to explore maybe similar to skyrim but i dont think nintendo will ever do that. also if youre going to have a helper character, have them actually give you advice thats relevant (similar to midna and the king of red lions). also keep the amount of technology we see in the next game to a minimum. one of my favorite parts about the series is how you're often times put into a medieval setting and how youre supposed to go rescue your damsel in distress from this dark lord. i think that if we ever see link travel into space that that would be my breaking point because it is something that i feel just doesnt belong and has no place in the series much like the robots in skyward sword.

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