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Game Thread Square Enix Mafia


here from bulba, don't expect much
Feb 17, 2021
Shamelessly copied from the sign up thread :P

The universes of Square Enix come together for an epic role madness event!
The great gods MCH and Deku are clashed in minor, kind of disappointing combat, and have summoned heroes and villains from throughout Square Enix history to make things mildly more interesting. And that’s where you come in.
Can you find the villains among you, seeking to take power for themselves? Or will you fall into darkness?

(1) All standard Zelda Dungeon rules apply.
(2) Day Phases will last for a period of 48 hours and Night Phases will last for a period of 24
hours. Please remember to submit your actions to the host during the appropriate phase.
(3)This is a No Outside Contact game, only exceptions being chats provided by the hosts.
(4)Roleclaiming and Alignment claiming is allowed however any other types of claims are not allowed.
(5)Do not quote, screenshot or attempt to fake information provided by the hosts such as Role
PM’s. This includes the exact wording of win conditions.
(6) Please try to be active, a sustained period of inactivity may result in you being subbed out or
(7) Please do not attempt to abuse loopholes, if there is anything you are unsure about as to
whether it would constitute loophole abuse, please feel free to contact the hosts to check.
(8)MYLO and LYLO phases will be announced at the start of the day phase
(9)When voting for players during the game please use the following format ‘Vote: Player’, a player with a majority of votes will be lynched, a no lynch will result in the event of a tie.
(10)After being killed in the game you may post once more before the game ends but you may
not post anything that contains game relevant information.
(11) If you change your username mid game please state your old and new usernames in the
thread and mention the hosts.

1: @Morbid Minish
2: @Libk
3: @Ragnarokio
4: @a'lana
5: @ExLight
6: @Neon
7: @Killjoy262
8: @RavenRaziel98
9: @15377
10: @Seanzie
11: @Mikey the Moblin
12: @CynicalSquid
13: @TGN



Aug 24, 2022
one more post buddy

also hi!! been a while
how's your mafia journey going
Also how goes? I’m currently hosting a game of mafia, so far it’s been running mostly smoothly, with the exception of a few people dropping

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