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Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass: Draw on the Maps Much?

Dec 12, 2010
When I played Spirit Tracks for the first time and found out that the maps also served as memo pads, I was THRILLED.

"Oooh, I'm gonna draw Link!"

"I'm gonna draw Link again!"

"...Link worried about Zelda!"

"...Link blowing the train whistle!"

"...Link singing Crazy Train!"

...And so on.

Did anyone else have as much fun with this as I did??:cool:


Jul 26, 2010
Well actually, it kind of kicked me in the butt. I was mad at Malladus so I wrote something inappropriate about him. And I lent the game to my friend and her little brother went on my save file instead of hers. Oops..
Jan 10, 2011
Yes, I drew rabbits at the Rabbitland Rescue and chickens in Aboda Village

I also drew the path you had to take in dungeons for no apparent reason
Jan 1, 2011
I never done anything like that, all that I done was write down notes and routes that was part of the game. But ocasionally, I would doodle Linebeck as a chicken, but other than that never really done that.

Pop 360

Angel Beats Geek
Feb 1, 2010
The Afterlife battlefront
I found it funny to just draw on it whenever I felt like it, I may also note down If I had seen a bunny and failed to catch it. And If I was stuck on a certain puzzle, drawing on the map always helped me out, so yeah I did like the map :)
Usually, I like to keep my maps clean and ink-free. I may occasionally make a few annotations, but as soon as I'm done using them, I'll erase them. I rarely felt the need to do so, as I have a fairly good memory.

The best use for the map note-taking is practicing your drawing skills:

But I rarely do that myself, but it's still fun to see others' doodles. :P

Edit: Oh, but I think the best canvas is the Uncharted Island in Phantom Hourglass. :P (though all I drew on it was a whale, but... still...)


I messed around with it a little bit. Doodled occasionally. Mostly just used it for taking notes as I progressed through the game.


XD I actually wrote down how to get past hard parts (boss rounds, puzzles) on the map, than traded in game in. So that when whoever buys it gets stuck, they can just read the map.
Dec 14, 2010
I liked the maps because when i completed the game i went back to the first dungeon just too remember when i first got. i saw my notes on my maps and it all came flooding back...soo i really liked the maps :)

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