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Breath of the Wild So I figured out how to instantaneously trigger a blood moon

Nov 24, 2021
Not sure if someone has posted about this before, but I didn't find anything so thought I'd share. There's a little area right above the Akkala Wilds between the ocean and the ravine and before a string of spiky rocks. There's a big flat space you can land on and walk around. If you stay there for a few seconds, you trigger a blood moon. It actually continuously triggers them, so I've had to teleport away to get them to stop. Dunno if it's just my game, but I've been able to recreate it every time I return & thought I'd mention it since I know triggering them is a pain otherwise.

BOTW Akkala Wilds.jpg
Oct 6, 2016
Manly man
So, do you have the Switch version or Wii U version? I have the Wii U version, and it doesn't work for me.


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Apr 12, 2021
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Wow, OK, that's cool.
I need to try that.
Not that I want blood moons.
But I do want to cook some monster stuff...
Wait there's no cooking pot.
Dang it.

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