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So... How's the Weather?

Feb 23, 2011
Lots and lots of rain...and flooding. Yeah, there was a massive flood yesterday that struck the entire area of Metro Detroit. Some areas were worse than others. On my way home from work, the bus was over an hour late. Apparently, it was caught in the deepening waters for quite some time. When the bus finally arrived, I could see the residual moisture from the water that had come rushing into the bus. I didn't know how bad it was until the bus actually got going. We reached an area where the water was up to 10 feet deep. Several people, whom were later confirmed to be the National Guard, had warned us to turn around, but the bus was too big, so we weathered the water. It was so surreal, and I had never seen anything like it. Some cars were completely submerged underwater, there were some people swimming, and water was quickly encroaching into the bus. My neighborhood is one of the hardest hit, on account of the large river running through my town.

I turned on the news as soon as I got home. All of the freeways and major roads were closed. Lots of basements are flooded. Some people died. The rainfall totals are regarded to be the second largest amount since the 1800s, just shy of record-breaking by 18 inches. We're still under flood watch. Clean up has begun, but moving slowly. Some places are still totally submerged; hell, there's still an expansive body of water in front of my apartment complex, replete with cars that are still stuck from the night before for some reason or another. Insanity.

Whelp, at least I've yet got another story to tell my hypothetical grandchildren in the future. Imagine that, "I survived one of the greatest floods in recent history."... next to "I walked for 7 miles in the biggest snowstorm in recent history." lol
Aug 7, 2014
It's been dark and overcast all day with rain on and off. I don't mind it, for once I don't need a glass of ice water at all times.


Innocent but not fearful.
Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
It's been quite hot for the last couple of days, even during the night. Usually when it's hot out for days on end, it only means one thing... a bunch of rain is about to fall. :nod:

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