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Should Link Die?



it would make sense only if he died and was revived. it wouldve been perfect in TP, for he could have lived on as that wolf and be revived later


If Link doesn't die the series will get way too boring. He should die at least for the duration of one dungeon in a up-and-coming game. As for his replacement I vote Skull Kid and Tael but Zelda with Navi wouldn't be so bad. I think everyone would be shocked if Ganondorf.....*pause or dramatic effect*....... brough him back. Who knows Link dying would open a perfect window of opprotunity for a new character. Redirect to other parts of this Forum to here more on my LoZ theories, storylines, conspiracies and death wishes to LoZ characters. Personally I want to march straight up to Nintendo's doors and ask for permission to pilot my own Zelda game. Problem is *heh* I'd still have to buy it afterwards!
Nov 30, 2009
What if we used his death as an excuse to play as Zelda? She could be used after Link goes through a dungeon, and dies later, then Zelda could be used to find something to bring him back. It could be used to get familiar with the fighting styles of Link and Zelda.

Then, later, Link and Zelda could be played interchangeably, and you could switch back and forth whenever you want. They would travel together, fight together, help each other out, etc.

This would also make for great multiplayer, even though it would be available right away.

Anyone agree with this?

Dirty Link

he will never die, nintendo will never do it, but he needs to, like really badly. I love link hes like my fave gaming hero but he just has to die. It would be so epic if after you beat ganondorf, or w/e villain they add if they so choose to go in a different direction, but after that theres a cutscene where the villiain is dying and laughing. Link looking puzzled then grips his chest where he has a fatal wound and fails to his knees and dies. The game could end either there or with a funeral. I just think it would be awesome to see him die in saving hyrule


[the.Jumping.Bean] ~
Dec 15, 2009
New Hamster!
He cannot die. He is the main character. If he died, it must be for the last game. Like Dirty Link said, Nintendo will never do it. Link is suppose to be the hero and save Zelda from Ganondorf, Vadi or w/e the bad guy in the game is. if he was dead, who's going to be the main character? Zelda, sure. But if it was Zelda, someone would do bad things for her and she'd be caught and need help. That would end the game making it boring.


Thanks, Mike
Dec 14, 2009
Daytona beach, Florida
If Link were to die I would cry... He has been my favorite character since I was a child. I would fly to Japan and start a revolt. I think ninentindo wouldn't be able to say goodbye to Link either. This thread is making me sad.


How about altering Link's nature that he no longer wants to fight evil. (No that would be anti-heroic......I'v been playing too much Prince of Persia..speaking of which sands of time resembles oot.)

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