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Should games & their sequels follow a number convention?


Aug 25, 2016
If any of you have ever played the Kingdom Hearts games, you'd know that when they decided to make their games they definitely had no kind of naming convention in mind. Do you think that games should follow a set naming convention of Game 1, game 2: subtitle, etc.


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
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I feel like if your gonna number your series you should at least number them sodding correctly not go from 358/2 to KH2.

Same as if your naming the game don't go with something like Mario kart wii then swap to mario kart 7 doesn't help really.

Main issue i have is if your games that are titled 1,2,3 don't actually line up, yeah you've got the bonus stuff but someone new to the series isn't gonna realise that something titled 358/2 actually comes before game 2 unless they either knew beforehand or googled.


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
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Shiro is right. If you number sequels make sure it fits the previous title. And make sure it actually fit the order. But with franchises like Zelda it's impossible because basically every new game being released is going to happen before BotW. In that case numbering them won't make any sense. And we know how nintendo loves to mess up the timeline and add titles in front of other titles we even forgot about.
Jan 1, 2019
Numbering only makes sense if the previous game is more-or-like the same than the next game. Like Battelfield, Gran Turismo, and THPS back in the days to name a few.
For more stand-alone titles, like TLoZ, numbering does not make sense.

I'm happy that the crazy Chrome-numbering - increase the number every time a single line of code changes - has not been copied by the game creators; by now, we probably would have had Fallout 10254...
I think numbering makes sense when a story is being directly continued from one installment to the next or if it's just denoting mainline games in a franchise. But don't put numbers in side games then so as not to confuse people. Numbering can only go so far, though. I think going past 10 starts to be ridiculous, so even a long running franchise, like Mario Party, finally dropped the numbering.


Sal Manella
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May 4, 2012
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this is also an issue for final fantasy, how final fantasy 11 and 14 are online games yet for some stupid reason are given a number, same for dragon quest 10

here's what I think: if the games in a series are in direct continuation of the other, then a number system makes sense [jak and daxter, mgs, etc.], however if the stories are self contained or they just flat out have nothing to do w/ each other, I'd rather they ditch numbers and have a subtitle [zelda, fire emblem, etc.]
Number it if the story continues and is actually in order.

Subtitles are fine for spin offs etc but either way more games a series gets the more confusing it's gonna get.

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