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Shark Talk

reef sharks are able to propel water across their gills even while stationary, which is unique among sharks. so unlike other sharks, they don't have to keep swimming in order to breathe. so they often form sleepy shark piles



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Jan 22, 2016
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I love sharks! My absolute favorite type of fish, and an ocean without sharks would be truly terrifying indeed.

My favorite shark is the great hammerhead shark, scientific name: Sphyrna mokarran.

They're awesome, and unfortunately, critically endangered. We need to protect these beautiful predators.


Second favorite shark goes to the bull shark, scientific name: Carcharhinus leucas.

I have a morbid fascination with bull sharks, I do not know why.

Bull Shark | National Wildlife Federation

Third favorite shark is the tiger shark, scientific name: Galeocerdo cuvier.

These dudes operate on a seafood diet, in that they see what they assume to be food, and eat it, and as a foodie, I can relate.

Tiger shark - Wikipedia

And I can't be the only person in existence who remembers the show and toys called Street Sharks:

Street Sharks (TV Series 1994–1996) - IMDb

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