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Second Quest

Aug 7, 2008
I've played and beaten LoZ many times, but I've never played through the second quest. Every time I beat the game I don't feel like going directly into another play through without some time off. Then once it has been a while I never want to jump directly into a second playthrough, and so the cycle continues.

Am I the only one?
Have you beaten LoZ but never played the second quest?
Oct 18, 2007
I usually play the 2nd quest more than the original. It's more difficult and the new enemies and aspects was a major plus.


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Sep 30, 2009
I've never played it all the way through it either. Though I have tried several times, sometimes soon after playing the first quest. The key problem really is in finding the dungeons. I promised myself I wouldn't peek at a walkthrough, and so the game remains unfinished. But some day! :)


Dec 16, 2009
I've played both quests several times, but I liked the first quest better. The second quest was a great invention, as was putting two quests in one game in ALttP. How awesome it would be for MM to have a second quest?.
Great difficulty in the second quest of LoZ, better use of the flute and the secondary stuff.... Having one secret in every screen of the overworld map finally fits. Awesome! I tried a lot in the first quest to activate the shop (wasn't it?) hidden in the death mountains of the second quest, I didn't think you had to beat the game completely to unlock new secrets. All you had to do was to use the flute in that screen in the second quest.

The first quest was better balanced though (even if palace #6 should have been the last one).
The sixth dungeon was the hardest dungeon ever to appear in any Zelda game, at least in my opinion. Maybe I was too young back then, I replayed it later and if was reasonable, just like TAoL. The later games are way easier though.

Have you ever seen Wizzrobes, Like Likes AND Bubbles (? - the things that curse you, so you can't use your sword) crammed together in one small room full of obstacles in Ocarina of Time?

Do you remember the Bubbles coming in two colors in the second quest the blue and the red ones?
Do you remember walking more than three screens away, the enemies would return?
Do you remember being under attack, no sword to use, walking back through several rooms with closed doors packed with Blue Darknuts and other tough enemies, no bombs to spare, arrows costing rupees running out....

...Getting a boomerang, no bow, then a flute, another boomerang... The second quest doesn't really loot very well. I like entering dungeons, getting the treasure, kill the boss with that same item and then rip the overworld with it.


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Jun 8, 2009
I've known about the second quest for so long but have never tried it. I swear I will one day but I gotta beat it normally a few times first (LoZ is one of the games i still haven't beat yet) so i can get a real understanding of the game. I want the second quest to flip me upside down on my head. I'm really trying to beat these original games without help from guides and the like so that i can get that true Zelda experience for the classic titles. Same goes for the second quest, I just gotta do it my self this time lol.


I was ecstatic to discover the second quest in LoZ. It was one of my favourite games ever, and just when I thought it was all over, nope, there's more! It took me a lot longer to beat the second quest than the first, mainly due to the face that Link has a new skill (first used in level 2) that he didn't have in the first game, and it never occurred to me for the longest time that he could do it!

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May 13, 2010
I usually play the 2nd quest more than the original. It's more difficult and the new enemies and aspects was a major plus.
I don't recall new enemies, apart from there being two different types of Bubbles.

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