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Rock/Metal cover of the Temple/Palace theme from Zelda II


If I'm not back in 15 minutes, just wait longer!
Dec 9, 2014
The Tarheel State
Didn't we cover that already? I'M A DUDE!
*somethingsomething* New world order! *somethingblackmagicsomething*
Nice!!! XD

But how about this...

The heavens burning, eyes turning
Your words are worthless
I dwell in shadows, I hunger
My laughter mirthless

Soon will come the day
All shall know my pain
You will be my slave
For GANON is my name

I've raped and pillaged, cursed and killed
Fought all who'd dare oppose my will
Eternal vicious deity
Triforce of Power fuels my greed
You're such a fool to be so brave
Boy, don't you know it can't be saved?
This kingdom of Hyrule shall burn
The end is nigh, I have returned

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