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Spoiler Reviving the Ancient Robots

Dec 22, 2011
It was sad to see all the robots lying around, but it never occurred to me that Gondo should be able to fix them.


Sage of Tales
If you don't write a fanfic about it, Shadsie, I will. :P

In my current "epic-style" fanfic about the colonization/re-colonization of Hyrule, I was thinking of making the upcoming "Gondo-chapter" be one where Gondo *tries* to do this... but fails at it because, unlike Scrapper, who was kept on Skyloft so that his parts really only needed a good lube-job for his revival, the sand, heat and rust damage to the "wild" robots down in the desert was too much. He still tries, though.

The more I think about it, the whole thing with the robots and the desert inserts a rather deep theme on mortality into the game. I'm not sure Nintendo *meant* to be philosophical, I think they just meant to make a fun game and thought the robots would be a fun gameplay aspect, but, man, when you read into it... I think people are doing something right when their stories display little bits of depth without them even trying at it.

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