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Sony PS4 Ships 100 Million

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The PS4 has joined the 100 million hardware club. I know some people will argue about shipped vs. sold but the sales will be there soon enough.

What do you think of this milestone? And how much do you think PS4 sales will end at?
Jul 14, 2019
Although I'm personally not a fan of PS4 hardware, it's undeniable that they've stormed this gen in the battle between Sony and Microsoft. I hope this reaches Microsoft a lesson that they need good exclusives and continued support for their games if they wish to see sales on par with the PS4.

I'm not a numbers guy, but selling 3.2 million in the first quarter of 2019 seems impressive as it is, what with the system being as old as it is and there being a healthy supply of pre-owned consoles by now. It does make me wish that consumers in general weren't so afraid of pre-owned though.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to Xbox One's numbers now that they have the diskless S version out.


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May 6, 2012
Tokyo, Japan
I think Sony really did a great job this generation. Right from the initial Xbox One and PlayStation 4 E3 announcements Xbox has clearly blundered significantly and didn’t do enough to recover. I think the shade on stage that Sony threw toward Microsoft that year is perhaps the most memorable moment of any E3 for me.

Exclusives seem to be a huge issue for everyone I speak to, there is just nothing very decent on Xbox that isn’t also on PC or PlayStation. Certainly nothing of interest to me anyway. Nintendo and PlayStation always have a plethora of exclusives that make the consoles worth buying.

In Japan I noticed that the Xbox One was pretty much non-existent on the shelves at all while PlayStation was everywhere. Given that Japan is a fairly big market for gaming they surely help boost Playstation’s Numbers significantly. Xbox has never been huge in Japan though so I wouldn’t just limit that to this generation.

My younger brothers (11-14 years old) seem to be really into their Xbox One consoles and it seems to be popular amongst their circles but not many people I speak to give any care about Xbox whatsoever.


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Oct 13, 2013
Nintendo had a terrible WiiU launch. The Xbox One launch was just as bad.
Sony only had to limp over the line to have the best launch with its PS4.

The PS4 won at launch by default by having zero competition. The bigger point of note is Sony did not rest on their laurels. They built momentum and got better and better to the point that Nintendo and MS could never compete. It took the Switch to finally take the spotlight off the PS4. By then almost everyone who wanted a PS4 already had one. Especially with the Slim sales. (My PS4 was a Slim on sale).

Also of note the PS4 is the first console that was most powerful of its generation and best selling of its generation also. Historically the most powerful consoles did not sell the most.

Will the PS5 do Switch like sales numbers in its first 1-2 years? Who knows. Though that’s not an apples to apples comparison. Because both the Switch and PS5 (potentially) will be the most powerful console.
Switch - most powerful portable dedicated to gaming only console.
PS5 - Possibly the most powerful TV tethered console. Unless XBox Scarlet beats it out.

I think this really shows that the power of a console does not automatically equate to large sales numbers. How good the launch window is as well as how well the console is advertised and explained to the public is what determines a good year 1-2.

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