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People who say Zelda is for kids

Jan 11, 2021
I think my only issue with BoTW and TofK games are, the graphics looks really... mediocre. Like it has that Overwatch, Fortnite vibe to it "though not as bad but close to it". But the issue is solid graphics like this dont focus on texture or shadows and that makes it look like a cheap phone game often or mediocre. Compare it to other games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 game which looks insanely good, or even if one wants a stylistic graphic choice, there is Mirrors Edge which is simple but its still artistically competent is what i mean.
BotW and TotK don't focus on shadows?!?! They ONLY focus on shadows, the entire thing is shaded. I think almost every frame of BotW and TotK look like genuinely well-drawn hand animation and the monsters, environments and objects are all incredibly stylized and silhouetted-ly iconic (even some NPCs you can tell by their silhouette) but I would say that Zelda's "I don't look like Call of Duty" art style, as well as that of most Nintendo game, is what makes it seem like it is for kids.


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Jun 22, 2016
under the well was scary and the shadow temple was scary but you grow with the games like i was like 7 i think when i played OoT....

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