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General Art One Little Argument


Finding Love by the Moon
May 28, 2012
Macy, Indiana
Why is it that good conversations tend to start with some form of argument? No one in their right mind who intend for it to be that way. Honestly, arguing over something stupid is just a waste of time. Why doesn't anyone just jump into a conversation and just state the good part of the conversation without all the drama?

Chapter 1

Okay, I have four hours to go and then I'm done. I'm done with this place, and I'm done with these annoying people. Lucine thought as she pushed through the traffic in the hallway.

Lucine arrived at her locker. It was a tall and lean locker that had been painted a hideous gray color on the outside and was an even more horrifying red color on the inside. She grabbed her books and moved on to her next class.

Once that class was over it was time for her most liked and hated class, band. She reached the music hallway and paused. There was a churning in her stomach. She immediately felt very sick. After standing in the same spot at the entrance to the hallway, she let out a rather large belch. She giggled and moved on down the hallway.

After dealing with all the stupidity that went on during band, Lucine made her way through the cafeteria and dropped her tray onto the table. She plopped down in the chair next to it.

"I am so happy that she is leaving! I have begun counting down the days until she is no longer here!" her friend, Layla, was saying.

"Amen, sister!" Lucine replied, poking a fry with her fork and dipping it in ranch.

Layla and Lucine always complained about their band director at lunch. It was a habit. It had been a habit for the entire year.

"Hey, I saw your Nook light up earlier. Are you going to check that?" Layla asked, fishing around with her peaches.

"I suppose I will," Lucine sighed.

She picked up her Nook and checked the notification. She had gotten a message from someone on a forum that she had just joined. The message read: Hai The person's name was Cy_Guy286.

"Some guy is trying to talk to me. Not sure how I should handle this. After all, I do have my Mini Ryan Gosling to talk to," Lucine laughed. Her boyfriend lived an hour and a half away and couldn't find the time of day to even send her a message. Lucine had started to just get fed up with the kid and stopped trying to talk to him.

"Oh please! That guy won't know how lucky he is until it's over between you two!" Layla exclaimed, her peach sliding off her fork into her mashed potatoes. "For crying out loud! This is exactly why I don't eat peaches! They won't stay on my freaking fork!" she yelled, flailing her fork around. "I would reply to this guy. You never know, he might actually be a nice guy."

"Alright. I'll listen to the girl with consistent peach-eating problems," she laughed, watching Layla drop another peach into her gravy.

She opened up the message and replied. Within a few minutes, the guy had responded and asked if she had excepted "The Holy Nun" into her life. She replied and told him that she was Christian. He then came back with a forceful response to try and convert her. This is was getting annoying.

They argued back and forth for awhile until she finally blew up on him. He responded, seeming a little shocked. After her getting even more fed up, she chewed him out and left it at that.

Later on that day, she got another message from the same guy. It was an apology. He apologized to her and wanted to get to know her more. He gave her his Skype username. She pondered whether or not to trust this guy after he had been such a turd to her. She decided to give him a chance.

I sure hope I won't regret this....
Mar 16, 2012
LOL love it :D Next chapter has to have Lucine spilling her tea to match the peach eating lolol
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