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Omega War Sign-Ups


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Jan 29, 2011
Tangent Universe
In case you haven't told from the last time we did a superhero RP, we like to be specific about what people can do :P
For now stick to mostly that tjen. If you wanna add other powers later, talk to me.


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Apr 6, 2011
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Name: Randall L. Bright
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Appearance: image.jpeg
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Super Pseudonym: N/A
Powers/Abilities: None, although he is a rather perceptive individual and is difficult to read himself, although on no superhuman level. His persuasion skills are also competent.
Backstory: A defense attorney with five years of experience under his belt, Randall Bright, who prefers to go by his middle name of Lennox, had moved across the country after an tumultuous early law career on the West Coast for a fresh start. The experience had left him mostly with a disillusioned sense of justice, and he mostly considers his line of work as a necessity rather than some noble undertaking. In spite of this, he holds a strong respect for the law, although he views it in a similar manner to his profession in a few respects. While his first year in the Northeast has been mostly uneventful, Lennox has done his best to keep his chin up, hoping soon that he can catch that optimism bug that's going around. He definitely needs it.


Creature of The Night
Sep 10, 2011
Shoot, I forgot to sign up for this. Time to rectify that.

Name: Percival "Val" Morgan
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: About 6'2, brown hair, blue eyes. Caucasian, lean but muscular build. Usually wears a t-shirt and jeans, with a blue windbreaker. Assuming costumes are the norm, his costume looks like a set of plate armor.
Alignment: LG
SP: Valiant
Powers: Manipulation of an odd blue energy.
Backstory: Val's family has had the ability to manipulate the blue energy since time immemorial. They have been leaders, warriors, and sorcerers. In the modern era, however, they are heroes. Val has been trained to use it since he could walk. He debuted as a hero at the age of 9, and hasn't stopped since.
change the color. we already have lanterns, and there is only 1 blue lantern like character


The game is on!
Oct 5, 2010
Name: Benedikt Bohr
Gender: Male
Age: 141 (physically 35)

Alignment: Neutral;Good
Super Pseudonym: Bragi
Powers/Abilities: Rapid healing, slow aging and super human strength. He is also a master class musician and a language protégé. He uses two sharp and elastic whips/grappling hooks for fighting and for moving around flexibly.
Backstory: Born in Sweden during the second half of the 1800s his parents thought there was something majorly wrong with him when they noticed that he only aged at about one fourth the speed of a normal human. He had a rough childhood because he never really fit in anywhere. But when he was 70 years old (physically only 17) he left Sweden and settled in America, where he could start anew in hopes of fitting in. At first he just enjoyed living without being bothered by people who knew about his slow aging. As an adult his slow aging was no longer as apparent. About 28 years ago he met a Norwegian woman who was sailing all around the world with a ship crew. The two of them fell in love and spent many months together, but after a couple of months Benedikt realized that it would never work out between them. Sooner or later she would realize that he ages much slower than everyone else and he didn't want to lose her after having been together for a long time, so he left her, the love of his life, leaving her with a goodbye note in which he explained to her about his "condition". Unbeknownst to Benedikt, he had made the woman pregnant, and so their son, Peter, was born roughly eight months after he left. He settled in Sparta where he started capturing criminals for the police under the pseudonym Bragi, after the Norse god that he had always related to. During the past ten years he has made a name for himself as a successful composer for symphony orchestras and operas, and he has also become the most recent addition to the superhero team based in Norse mythology.

Name: Peter Knutssen
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Alignment: Neutral;Good
Super Pseudonym: N/A
Powers/Abilities: Super human strength and rapid healing, and he is skilled with his dual cutlasses. He's also a skilled violin player.
Backstory: Peter was told by his mother that he's a demigod and that his father was a god from Norse mythology. However, he has never met his father and he's not convinced his mother spoke the truth. His mother worked in the crew of a ship almost all of her life, and because of this Peter grew up with her out at sea. When he was 20 years old his mother was killed by the captain of an enemy ship, and Peter left the ship on which he had grown up to set out for revenge. He traveled all alone over both land and sea for many years, and he carries a violin with him at all times which he plays beautifully on quite frequently. About a year ago he encountered the captain who had killed his mother. They faced off on the Pacific Ocean on a dark rainy night. Peter was finally able to gain his revenge after six years of searching. For the past year Peter has been hard at work to achieve his next goal; finding his father.


Spaceballs, The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceballs 1
@YIGAhim , so a lot of the characters that Deku, Pen, Storm and I are using are already established characters in this universe and have been in other RPs together. You don't need to feel pressured to join in with the other established characters quite yet. We're basically going through some "Where we are now" posts as it's a year after the last RP thess guys were in and we're developing the characters a bit. So feel free to post on your own a bit about what your character is up to or if you'd like, you could probably interact with Karina and Samson, or The Crimson Raven and The Spirit. Your backstory puts your character in similar path they're currebtky going.

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Oct 6, 2016
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A Mellophone Player... Mellophonista?
Name: Geo Waiken

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Alignment: CE

Super-Pseudonym: Wraith

Powers/Abilities: He has intense Karate skills and has inhuman reflexes, they are almost unbelievable. His skin is icy to the touch and his eyes glow light blue. He can dissolve the atomic bonds in his body. While in this form, he is untouchable except by fire and magnets can force him back into human form. while in wraith form he can shrink, stretch, dissipate and re-form on will. He can also move very fast. He cannot interact with the outside world in wraith form. his gaze is known to daze those who show fear in his presence.

Backstory: Geo was raised in Tokyo but moved to America for college as a transfer student. He excelled in experimental Chemistry, Bio-tech, and Cell modification. he did a lot of controversial experiments that got him flamed and expelled from his college on account of morals. After this humiliation, he did a lot of experimentation in bio weapons and finally, created a chemical weapon that could dissipate the bonds between atoms in a human being at contact, or so he thought.
During his first experiment on a rabbit, the ventilation system failed and the noxious gasses flooded the lab. As soon as he breathed it in, he began to dissolve. After a few hours however, he regained consciousness but he had no body, just a floating, shadowy form. Soon after that, he began to discover how he could manipulate this form, which was the atoms of his body. After a little while longer, he began piecing his body together bit by bit until he was fully reformed, but not quite the same as he was before. He was ghostly, and wraithlike.
With his newfound powers, he sought to destroy all those who humiliated him, and anyone else who stood in his way.


The Oncoming Storm
Aug 22, 2012
Sacred Realm
Name: Black
Gender: Wizard
Age: Sausage and Cheese.
Appearance: Black Vanilla Robe
Alignment: Let's be charitable and call it Chaotic Neutral.
SP: The Turtle Wizard
P/A: Magicka Magick.
Backstory: Black earned his nickname "Turtle Wizard" due to his favored tactic of turtling up in a shield and spawning SL (Steam-Lightning) mines until the problem goes away. He was experimenting with the spell Crash to Desktop when he wound up on Earth. Since then, he's gone on a quest to taste every kind of sausage and cheese in this new world. With occasional explosions of course, but he's a wizard. That's expected.

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