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Nintendo Financial Report / Forecast of 3.6m Wii U's Shipped


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Nov 12, 2007
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Nintendo have recently posted their yearly financial reports encompassing the company income and the sales of both hardware and software relating to the 2 current hardware on the market, the Wii U and 3DS. They show some interesting, and perhaps finally realistic, predictions for how the Wii U may fare in the coming months. You can read the entire thing here in a very in-depth manner, but since many people probably won't be bothered to delve into it here's the interesting bits.

The format for the consoles show how many units are shipped overall, to how many Nintendo are expecting to ship this fiscal year, and then last year's shipments compared to last year's forecast.

  • Operating loss: 46.4b Yen ($454m) / Net loss 23.2b Yen ($228)

  • Wii U: 6.17m shipped, forecast of 3.6m this year. 2013/14 shipment: 2.72m, vs 2.8m forecast

  • 3DS: 43.33m shipped, forecast of 12m this year. 2013/14 shipment: 12.24m, vs 13.5m forecast

  • Wii U Software: 32.28m, forecast of 20m this year. 2013/14 software shipment: 18.86m, vs 19m forecast

  • 3DS Software: 162.92m, forecast of 67m this year. 2013/14 software shipment: 67.89m, vs 66m forecast

  • Cash: $4.7bn to $3.4bn, a drop of $1.3bn over the year.
A note: The hardware numbers are shipped, not sold. So basically how many Wii U's are in the world, not how many are in the hands of consumers.

Another note: People have been ringing the death toll because of the huge loss Nintendo made to its cash reserves and the losses the company made in general, but this is moreso because of one-off cash injections into departments Nintendo made during the year. It would not usually be this high. (A lot of websites have been click-baiting with all the DOOM and it's just not true)


Only expecting 3.6m Wii U's shipped across the year is a more realistic goal, considering Iwata's old 13m prediction, but still quite dreadful. A fun fact is the 4.3m sales of New Super Mario Bros. U, which makes the attach rate for that game on the Wii U quite spectacular. The up-coming releases for it will likely help push it to hit the current forecasts, for which it will need to sell 900k more than it did this year, but I suppose time will tell about how it will manage. The 3DS is chugging along at a steady rate and seems to be doing just fine.
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