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Nintendo Digital Event at E3 and Smash Bros Invitational/ Smash Fest!


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
Mark your calendars, everyone! Nintendo has announced their E3 plans today, via twitter and through this video.

First off, Nintendo will be hosting a digital event on June 10th at 9 AM PT. Like last year's E3 Direct, it will be a video stream that will showcase both upcoming games for 2014 and announce ones for beyond the end of this year. In addition to this stream, Treehouse, one of the major departments in NOA's headquarters, will be showcasing games on the show floor and will give in-depth information on these upcoming titles. This will be streamed as well for viewers at home, throughout the entirety of E3.

Next, more Smash news! During E3, Nintendo will be hosting a Super Smash Brothers Invitational Tournament, where 16 skilled players will be invited to play and compete with each other. Alongside this, certain participating Best Buy locations will be getting demo kiosks of Super Smash Brothers for WiiU, in a similar way to the partnership during last E3. People who cannot make it to E3 will finally be able to experience this new Smash firsthand!

What do you think about these announcements? Do you think the way they're handling E3 will work well? Excited? Hopefully the time will pass quick, as E3 is only 6 weeks away!
The press will undoubtedly harp on Nintendo for this decision since they'll be there in person and that'll be one less batch of exciting announcements to see live. Also, cue the Nintendo doom and gloom.

As for me, a gamer watching from home, I'm indifferent. I'll miss seeing peoples' reactions, but it's not a big deal as long as the stream isn't as laggy as last year's.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Let me just say that I wasn't expecting for this to happen. Maybe sometime later in the future, i.e. a month or two before Super Smash Bros is released for the Wii U, but nonetheless I was excited that Nintendo made announcement of what they plan on doing for this year's E3 event. Hearing that Nintendo is going to be hosting their very first Smash Bros Invitational makes me really happy because Nintendo acknowledges the competitive community that Smash Bros. has had for over a decade. When Nintendo also announced that they will have the Smash-Fest be around selected Best Buy locations across the nation, I was indeed excited for it! I really do hope that I will be lucky enough to have my city be picked to have a Smash-Fest this upcoming summer! I know where I am going to live for the next few weeks! Another thing that I am very interested to hear is that even though Nintendo usually has the floor for the first day of E3, they are also going to be broadcasting throughout the entire event! That's really great as now we can get even more coverage of what to expect throughout E3, which means we can expect to see even more announcements about future games that Nintendo has up their sleeves.

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