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Spoiler New Trailer


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Aug 7, 2010
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Oh my god that game looks epic! I abesolutly love the way it looks and finnaly we can fully speculate to our hearts content. I also love the harp Idea that is pretty awesome. I like the fact that that wierd looking villian guy could be the new villian and it might not be Ganondorf this time around. I wonder however could that shield meter be a shield spell similar to AoL?


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Aug 3, 2009
Wow, I'm quite glad they've finally released another trailer for it. Makes me wish I had a Wii.

So, here are my general impressions:

From what I gather, that guy in the video is probably the main villain. Like others, I'm reminded of Vaati.

Toward the end Link seems to unlock a door using a block as key, and unlocking the door seems to consist of a block puzzle in three dimensions. Seems somewhat similar to these kinds of puzzles. (That link goes to a Newgrounds block puzzle game.) I see great puzzle potential with that mechanic, love seeing it in the trailer. Saw another door opened toward the beginning with an equally interesting opening mechanism. Hopefully that's a sign we'll get other fresh puzzles in the game.

I'm really loving the art style in the video too. Graphics overall look much improved over those we saw at E3.

And a harp? Love it. ^^

Some of those enemies look pretty interesting to fight, though I'd have to actually play the game to give a better opinion. Looks like fun.

Overall, I'm looking forward to the game now much more. I'll definitely have to try to get a Wii before it comes out...
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Apr 8, 2010
I'm on your wish list

Fangasm aside, that was quite the informative trailer. I noticed everything everyone else mentioned, so I'm not going to post that, but I did notice more subtle clues. At least, I think they're clues.

First, I noticed that the sword wasn't the Master Sword. (Of course it very well could be.) BUT he had that sword throughout the whole trailer, even when the sword spirit icon appeared. So I wonder how the spirit will be implemented into the plot, and where we find the Master Sword, for that matter.

Second, the golden Aztec statue had a similar aesthetic to the golden door with the dragon puzzle key, leading me to believe that they are in the same location. Plus the pale character is sitting on top of that statue. Here's how I picture it: The dragon key leads to the statue room, where the pale guy either talks to you before or after a fight with the statue, then disappears. It makes sense, since I know villains (Zant specifically,) typically appear before the boss in a seemingly semi random dungeon, and if you notice, there's perpetual dark energy above the statue's head, right where the pale guy was.

Before, many people thought the Hyrulian bird crest and Triforce behind the title was a placeholder, but since those crests have received a redesign in the new trailer to look more old and archaic, I believe we will see more info on that.

The mechanical areas look quite interesting too. Something about them makes me think they're underground. By the way, the item at 21 looks like a deformed hookshot to me.
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