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New Features on Zelda Wii U

Jun 16, 2012
Faron Woods
With the Wii U coming up and it's amazing new feature, the tablet, what do you guys think some new features that could be made in Zelda WiiU. Some features I would like to see is useing the new tablet to possibly to solve puzzles (Maybe similar to some of Skyward Sword's boss key puzzle). What else do you guys have in mind?
Are we limiting this thread to a discussion on new controller possibilities or a more general discussion of new features to introduce in a Wii U Zelda title?

As far as the Game Pad goes, its most obvious use was already demonstrated through the Zelda HD experience from E3 2011 namely clearing the TV's HUD for a smoother console experience. After viewing the ZombiU game announced at this year's E3, however, I believe Nintendo could go a step forward by offering a new perspective or viewing lens through which to use items further adding immersion to the experience.

In regards to the title in general, I'd prefer for a variety of controls to be available from Wii Motion+ and Nunchuk combo for pure motion control enthusiasts (JuicieJ) to Game Pad for moderates who prefer to see innovation on display in a more traditional fashion to Wii U Pro Controller for those who want to play it completely traditional. Seeing as how Pikmin 3 already has two of the aforementioned control methods incorporated, this shouldn't be too immense of a task. Or perhaps the player solely uses a Wii Mote+ and Nunchuk combo or Pro Controller with the Game Pad merely offering a world map, a standalone accessory.

Moreover, I'd love to see a combination of boss battle mode and a survival like dungeon in the Wii U game. Both new elements are well incorporated and innovative and seeing them work in tandem would be glorious. We already saw this partially occur with the Lightning Round Challenge and Bokoblin Horde in SS but it's high time to raise the bar to an all new level.
Jul 7, 2012
i Think that OOT on the 3ds may have given us a taste for what it will be like. I loved the way the touch screen kept the screen Icon Free and items was easier to Equip and use..Caint Waite for the Wii U Zelda to come out, I hope Nintendo will take a full advantage of the Wii U Tablet.
May 27, 2012
We could use the Game Pad to aim our bow and arrow, and we could even use it as the Lens of Truth. Maybe we'd even have to draw some things, kind of like Okami.
Nov 29, 2011
New Jersey
It wouldn't surprise me if the actually make you communicate the the game while answering simple questions. Because they do have the technology to do that.


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
I would like to see some more (minor) parkour elements involved via use of the Havok engine, an optional co-op mode, multiple difficulty levels, and different control schemes for the different controllers (MotionPlus, GamePad, Pro Controller).


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
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May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
I'd like to see a classic control mode as an option (still like to see SS-style Sword controls), and I'd definitely like to see ZWU take a cue from OoT 3D with the item screen.

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