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My mentally inspired tunes (revised)

Aug 18, 2012
*Note: I realize my previous opening post was way too long for others to read. Therefore, here's a short version of what I have to say and share*

This tune I made is supposed to convey something bizarre and mysterious such as being all alone in a far away, distant time period or galaxy. It, to me, conveys powerful, deep meaning and is very catchy. I'm not sure what others would think of it though. I think it could very well be my best tune. You just hear the beat at first and then you hear the melody along with the beat. So, listen to all of it:

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Music Sheet:


I think this melody is great and has a lot of power and meaning to it. At this stage of development though, said power, greatness, and meaning might not be conveyed to the audience. Thus, they might see the tune as meaningless rubbish. It might really be necessary then that I fully craft this melody by adding chords, harmony, etc. so that the audience will realize the power and greatness this melody has.

Only I can see the power and greatness this melody has and other people might not see that because I'm the one who created this melody which means only I know its power. I would need to somehow bring that greatness alive to the audience. Now, if I were to fully craft this melody and people still tell me it's rubbish, then there are 2 possibilities.

The 1st would be that my melodies obviously don't convey what I described at all. They really were nothing great and I was fooling myself all along into believing they were great. But the 2nd possibility would be that they are great, do convey what I describe, and people can't see that due to their high standards. If, for example, I fully craft my Distant Future tune, then there's power, greatness, and meaning staring these people right in front of their faces and they can't even see it.

They lack appreciation and that's what blinds them. They expect too much when it comes to artwork. There's a big difference between how complex an artwork is and the power, meaning, and greatness conveyed by an artwork. Just because my fully crafted Distant Future melody isn't a more complicated melody, is predictable, and repeats, doesn't mean it's a rubbish melody that conveys no meaning.

I think people are having too high of a standard and that blinds them to the power and greatness of artwork. Even simple art forms such as the drawing of a beautiful rose can convey power and meaning. It doesn't have to be a rose with complex detail for it to be something great.

My point is, a work of art can qualify as something great, powerful, and meaningful even when it's not the complex work of an artistic mastermind. Lastly, my dream is to be a composer and I want to create music that's actually good and conveys what I want to convey and not just music that I think is good and conveys what I describe.

To conclude this post, I'd like to share one last melody which is a gentle, caring tune. It's very memorable and catchy. It might not be anything great or memorable at this stage of development though. Or maybe it will. I really don't know which is why I'm sharing my melodies. Again, you hear the beat of this gentle tune and then the melody along with the beat:

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