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Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

Nov 30, 2009
Anything Electric, especially in WW and SS

The Electric ChuChu's from both, especially, geez!

And the Bokoblins.. i just cant hit them...


Major SS and Oot fan!
Nov 28, 2011
New York
In the catagory of bosses, my most hated is volvagia in oot. Soooooooooooooo ugly!:sick: I also have had the most trouble defeating him more than any other boss, u name it: Ganon, ghiriaham, twinrova, that guy in the goron mines in TP(i forgot his name). The worst enemy? easy as pie: WALLMASTER!!! WE ALL HATE HIM!!! oh, the joy i feel when i dodge him and slice him into thousand of tiny little ugly feet... but the most annoying thing: WHY DOES HE TAKE US TO:( THE BEGINNING OF THE DUNGEON!!! PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON US, NINTENDO!!!
Dec 6, 2011
Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire
Have to agree about the wallmasters but the floormasters in Wind Waker are annoying too, especially in one room in Earth Temple where you have to open a chest which clears a purple fog but then about 6 of them appear, I can't proceed through the rest of the dungeon without defeating all the them so I can open a chest with a treasure chart after, it seems in this room you have to get so dangerously close to them in order for the "hand" of the floor master to rise up, I usually use fire arrows to kill them btw, even though it takes longer to nock a fire arrow you only need two hits to kill a floor master.

I don't mind ReDeads at all, except the ones in the TP Cave Of Ordeals where you have little room to run from them and sometimes two can catch you at once if you don't see them advancing on you in time.

Also archer bokoblins are annoying because you are often not aware of them until you suddenly get hit by an arrow while you are just running along.

Dec 8, 2011
Probably the Keese. They show up when I least expect it and all of a sudden out of nowhere I get hit. They aren't a particularly harmful enemy but they can be hard to kill sometimes.
Sep 21, 2011
My most hated enemy...it has to be between Floormasters & Electric Bokoblins
Floormasters for some reason I never see until its too late. I try to look for the shadow on the floor, but I always see it at the last minute. So I have to go all the way back to the starting point of the dungeon! That got me sooo pissed off, especially in the spirt temple in OoT. I hate that thing!!!
Electric Bokiblins are very frustrating for me. I hated getting shocked whenever I tried to attack them! It took so much time trying to defeat them & they're incredibly annoying! I always got shocked by them...until I remembered half way through SS, that you can't use a metal shield -_-. I felt so dumb when I realized that.


probly redeads, floor mansters and wall masters but the new scorpion baby things in SS lanaru mining facility really creep me out and i scream every time one falls off the ceiling on me

are you kidding me, those things gave me so many jelly blobs that i don't think i need any more. I love them

Sunset Blue

Aw, man... Peahats are pretty awful, as well as the dumb lance-throwing ice soldiers in TP. Baby Dodongos in OoT are super annoying too. And Octoroks. B| And the big Orc guy in TP.


Wallmasters, definitely.
WW's Seahats come in a close 2nd...


Miniblins from Wind Waker. I hate that noise that they make!


Wallmasters are the worst. Spirit Temple is the worst time to have them. I try to get past a puzzle, and the grab at me! Ugh I hate it!

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