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Most Creative Pokemon Nicknames

Princess Niki

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Aug 27, 2011
Here is my Birb Team (I created it trying not to copy my friend's so I was limited)

Pidgeot - Elizabeth a name I like to give them for some dumb reason. It started with Red too.
Honchkrow - Diablo named after Malefacent's raven.
Xatu - Flit from Pocahontas.
Golduck - Webby from Ducktales
Togikiss - Chibi Usa from Sailor Moon
Talonflame - Robin

Inanimate Objects (I decided to do 2 of my teams)

Dhelmise - Dawn Treader after the ship in Chronicles of Narnia.
Chandelure - Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast
Bronzong - Big Ben the clock tower in London
Alolan Golem - Gem
Alolan Muk - Valero after the gas station
Wigglytuff - Skittles a named I liked giving Jigglypuff starting in 8th grade

Princess Niki

Staff member
ZD Legend
Aug 27, 2011
Has it really been over a year since someone last posted in this thread.

Here are some from my sword runs,

Wendy the Centiskorch after the Koopa
Terk the Rillaboom after the gorilla from Tarzan
Bea the Sirfetch'd I tend to name fighting types after gym leaders due to lack references sometimes.
Chum the Barraskewda a fishing term
Fluttershy the Galarian Rapidash after the My Little Pony
Sheikah the Dubwool @Sheikah_Witch

James Pond the Inteleon (James Bond)
Taylor the Toxtricity after Taylor Swift cuz I wanted to use a music artist
Swiper the Thievul (Dora the Explorer)
Astrid the Perrserker (How to Train Your Dragon)
Shiro the Wooloo @Jirohnagi

Bugs the Cinderace (Bugs Bunny)
Tracy the Boltund after my dog
Dot the Orbeetle (Bugs Life)
Excalibur the Zacian
Wiggler the Falinks (Mario)
Junior the Galarian Meowth after my kitty
Lemmy the Sizzlipede after the Koopa
Gollum the Impidimp (Lord of the Rings)
Spirit the Wooloo @Spirit


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Dec 6, 2014
North Dakota
I'm awful at nicknaming Pokemon, (See Ultra Violet LP) but the best one was my "Typholsion" nicknamed "Explode". Why? Read his Heart Gold dex entry.

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