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More Depth to the Dungeons in SS


Apr 22, 2011
I've been reading the forums and I have seen alot of dungeon ideas lately, and many of those ideas aren't just the four elements fire, earth, water and wind but more complicated ones like electricity, Music, gears etc.

And I love the idea of having these new ''elements'' in dungeons. And I have a feeling that SS is gonna have something like this.I really liked the idea of a music based dungeon where you play music to solve puzzles etc. or a gravity based dungeon where you can defy the gravity... I could go on forever with ideas..

So I was thinking of having the base three: Fire, Water and forest/Earth and then you add 3-5 new dungeons that are not based on the first three. What I thought was a waste of dungeon in OoT was that you kinda replayed the first three dungeons, Fire, Water and Forest then the same trio again but you are an adult.

So instead of having the classic trio all over again you add different more detailed dungeons i.e the music dungeon..(Sage of Water's idea if I am not mistaken)I really loved that idea. Or even creating a hybrid like in TP, the goron mines were fire and a wee bit magnetic, I loved that. Every dungeon in SS doesn't have to be like this but at least one would be awesome enough.

I really feel that SS could pull this off, And I'm sure they already have a different kind of dungeon, If i'm not mistaken I saw a small clip in the GDC trailer where Link is battling electrical monsters.. Maybe an electrical dungeon?

Feb 23, 2011
Thinking back, there were many unique, and creative dungeons in the Zelda series. The Tower of the Gods dungeon in WW is a great example, as it features very futuristic elements of light and electricity. The same futuristic light and electricity theme can be found in most holy-elemental-based dungeons throughout the series...

Skyward Sword might indeed introduce some new "elements" to its dungeons. If such is the case, we should definitely expect to also see some very interesting element combinations. Ice/Holy in the sky dungeon, please! ;)
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Ice Hunter
Jun 26, 2011
Snowhead Temple
The classic trio will be included, but I hope that they introduce new and fresh themes and also use rarer themes (Light).
The combination of two themes would be great too like ice/light or ice/water.

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