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March of the Koroks

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Back when I was doing Linktober last year I met "BuffHestu" and "TC" on Twitter along with some other Zelda fan artists, and through Discord we all kept in touch. Buff Hestu started Zelda Creators as a project with his brother and other Zelda art creators, and occasionally through the year they start art collaborations.

Probably their most ambitious one is "March of the Koroks", a collab looking to gather as many digital artists as possible to hopefully draw 900 Koroks. Today is the last day to sign up for the event, idk why I waited to make a post, but if anyone is interested you can fill out a short google form to sign up and pick a number for how many Koroks you want to draw. You can pick to draw one, or more if you feel up to it.

All the Koroks made for the event will be complied onto one canvas and posted on March 9th. Further info can be found in the Google Doc, such as the deadline to submit the Koroks.

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