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Map of Game


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May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.

Hm. Well, it's some pretty nice mapmaking, and the idea of a second land north of Hyrule is cool, but there's like a bajillion inaccuracies with the layout. For one thing, Magmortar is a Pokémon and Mount Doom is from Lord of the Rings. You're thinking Death Mountain. Secondly, I can't see the Lost Woods anywhere, and their placement is pretty important to the geography. Thirdly, there's no "Deep Sea" in Hyrule, although by perhaps ringing it with mountains and shifting it south you could be geographically consistent. Fourthly, the Great Sea is Hyrule, except flooded by the Goddesses- it's not some far-off sea somewhere else. Fifthly, how in the name of Ceiling Cat do you pronounce "Xixor"? And why would the mountains be called Xixor in a land where nothing else in the world even has an X it its name? Sixthly, what's the context here? The story? The relevance of this whole "Harja" place? It looks cool, but why is it there, and how does it figure into this game plan?

There's a lot of mistakes in the geography that can thankfully be pretty easily remedied (shift the "Deku Forest", which should be Lost Woods/Kokiri Forest and the "Deep Sea" south, rename the Great Sea and Xixor Mountains), but the main problem is that you're not giving us anything to consider in terms of what should work- if you could give us the general outline of the story, that'd be helpful.


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Nov 21, 2009
Gothenburg, Sweden
Nice map and such! Btw you gave me the GREATEST idea!
I probarly gonna think it through but maybe Ill make a roleplay of zelda and upload it here! ^^

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