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Mandatory Tasks that You Hated


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
I didn't so much mind hunting for the Triforce pieces in WW, it was getting the rupees to pay Tingle to decode the map that drove me crazy. And why was it such a strange amount that he needed. Uncalled for Tingle, totally uncalled for.

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Bringing the statue from the miniboss room all the way back to the first room in Twilight Princess's Temple of Time. That was such a chore, it was ridiculous. There was no reason for it to be that much of a bother. If you ask me, the Temple of Time would have been much better without that chore and all the back-tracking. There were a lot of things I didn't like about Twilight Princess, but that ranks among one of my most hated parts.

A couple more mandatory tasks I didn't exactly care for are the fetch quests and diversions before each dungeon containing a sacred flame in Skyward Sword. Going back through the Skyview Temple just for a bottle of water seemed like an excuse to make the game a little longer. A small minidungeon like the Bottom of the Well from Ocarina of Time would have been better for that part. It would have made things at least a little better.

Going through the Ancient Harbor in the Sand Sea turns out to be a waste of time, and you don't even get anything for your trouble. And guarding Scrapper while he carried the basin of water up the mountain was pretty annoying. The first time through, I failed at least twice. Now I can get through that part no problem, but it's still quite the chore. In fact, all of these sidequests seem like nothing more than excuses to make the game last longer. That's what I dislike about them the most.


Jan 10, 2011
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I'm not going to say the Triforce quest in WW because i really didn't mind that, WW was too much of a wonderful game for me to hate. Just looking at it makes me smile so playing it will get no negativity from me in terms of enjoyment. =]

So you love the game so much that there's no way you can remotely dislike anything about it, even if it was tedious? I don't understand how anyone could have this kind of logic.


Jun 22, 2011
Ocarina of Time: I really don't like how you have to return to the Lost Woods for Saria's Song at the most inopportune time. I'm pretty sure the earliest you can get it is after you've learned Zelda's Lullaby which means you're on the other side of Hyrule. What's worse is how if it's a first playthrough you would have gone all the way up Death Mountain as well before you'd figure out what to do. However, there's a chance that the designers intended the shortcut that players can use (carrying lit torches from Darunia's room to the lost woods warp to set off a bomb flower so you can warp between Death Mountain and the Lost Woods before getting Saria's Song). If it was intended, it wasn't very well designed because practically no one knows you can do that (unless they intended it to be super secret). I didn't even know you could set off bomb flowers with fire until playing master quest, and I still had to be told about this shortcut to realize its existence.

Majora's Mask: I don't like the Bottom of the Well and the Ancient Castle of Ikana. Neither are that bad really, but once I get to that part of the game I just want to play the Stone Tower Temple ASAP. Similarly I don't like obtaining all the Zora eggs very much. I like the two areas you explore to find them, but I really didn't like how there are so many eggs that usually you'd have to make more than one trip to the Pirate's Fortress (unless you had played through the game several times and knew where and when you could get the bottles).

Wind Waker: I love the triforce quest, but IMO they should have put the pieces of triforce where the triforce charts were located. Going to Tingle and pulling up the chests from the sea were just mindless chores from my perspective.

Twilight Princess: Many things in the game's introduction really bothered me because there were instances of learning things you don't need for the rest of the game (herding) and just plain unintuitive tasks as well (who would think you need to catch two fish). I didn't like the tears of light quests either. Strangely I loved the silent realms of Skyward Sword which were a clever twist on the tears of light. Apparently adding stealth makes me like things much more- I didn't even know that.

Skyward Sword: I didn't like fighting the Imprisoned ever (especially the 2nd and 3rd fights), and I felt like the song of the hero could have been optional (for instance they could give out rewards like doubling the stamina bar, doubling defense, etc.). I think I would have enjoyed the game more if there wasn't so much stuff between the Fire Sanctuary and Sky Keep that you had to do.


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Feb 8, 2011
Ocarina of Time - The part in the Fire Temple where you had to run up those stairs to get the Megaton Hammer from the chest, while being timed. Something about that disoriented me quite a bit, and I found myself running straight off to that side area, or falling down the circular pit quite a few times. I hated that, in the original FT, this was how you were supposed to attain the Hammer. I literally got stuck on this for a few days—longer than the Water Temple took me. Additionally Navi's constant notifications and having to speak with Kaepora Gaebora before moving into a new area (or part of the quest).

Majora's Mask - I didn't like the entire section with the Goron Elder and his son. It was probably the baby's crying that drove me to the point of disliking it; I'd just as soon learn the entire Goron's Lullaby from the Goron Elder so that I could silence the racket sooner. Other than this, I didn't enjoy pursuing and fighting Captain Keeta for his Hat, or the entire Bottom of the Well (the Gibdos left very vague hints that took forever to figure out—who would've thought of fish?—and the 3-Day system especially set me on edge in this case.

Wind Waker - I disliked having to set the wind in the right course and sailing all the way to a destination without much to do; a task that's mandatory for the entire game. Additionally, the Triforce Hunt irked me since we not only had to find the Pieces of Triforce, but also attain an exorbitant amount of Rupees to have Tingle decipher the charts.

Twilight Princess - Remarkably enough, I thought the Light Tear hunts in this game were neat. The only issue I had with it was getting the last Tear by defeating that bug, the Twilit Bloat; in trust I wanted the entire thing to be over after that. But my biggest issue with TP was getting the Sols past both Zant's Hands. I detest and dread that part, because it unnerves me every time.

Skyward Sword - I hate saying this just as much as I hate anything from the game, but Skyward Sword is the greatest perpetrator of dishing out involuntary tasks in 3D Zelda titles. It had multiple fetchquests that were part of the main quest, and forced repetitious segments (The Imprisoned mostly) that were all irksome, in their own degree. I remember accomplishing the task in Lanayru's Silent Realm, and Fi being all, "Yay, you completed the last Silent Realm! Good job, Master!" Then later she pulls out a troll-face and goes, "No wait, I didn't tell you this before, but Her Grace left one more trial in your hometown, Skyloft. You have to beat it in order to fulfill your destiny as the appointed hero. Have fun!" I don't feel that SS pulled off its story in the best way since about half of the story was mandatory and potentially linear.


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Jul 11, 2012
Not sure if someone already said this but in Twilight Princess when you have to revive the thing ummm you know THE thing.


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Aug 22, 2012
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The silent realm were the hardest and the most boring :dry: the were just huge fetch quests and when you think you done FI is like nope.avi on you and says theres one on you home town which I found to be a bit awkward and it was a hard silent realm.

And also the goron lullaby i found that to be boring too
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May 27, 2012
I despise collecting the stupid triforce shards in WW.

This next task was technically optional, but the game would have been extremely tough without it, so I basically call this mandatory. Collecting fairies in the temples in MM. Especially without magic and enhanced defence, the game would be tough. I know this was an added challenge to the temples, but this was again annoying. I found the MM temples (other than the Woodfall) to be more challenging to begin with than OoT (other than the Water Temple) and adding the time limit (not a fan of time pressure and I'm someone who just can't play video games for more than at most 2 hours at once) and the fairies made them almost excruciating.

Especially that damn Snowhead temple. The fairies were so out of the way and the temple was long and miserable, my least favorite of all time. Let's just say the temple took me many tries and I had to do the fairy quest separately (remember I am not a hardcore gamer, most things are tougher for me to being with!) I would have rather had a 5th tough temple, rather than getting all those fairies. :(

I don't think I've ever gotten all of those fairies. It's too much trouble for me so I always beat the game without the upgrades.


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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I really disliked the Tears of Light from Twilight Princess. It's not that the concept was bad (I really liked the idea of collecting a sacred set of items), it's just that the bugs could take a lot of to locate when in reality, they were just in an obvious spot. :/


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Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Paying Tingle to translate charts..... 8..... times.....

Silent Realms + finding Kikwis + returning to Skyview Temple to get water for a *****

Twilight Bug things

Temple of the Ocean King ( OH MY GOD)
+ Tower of Spirits (not nearly as bad though)

Getting the eggs back from the pirates

Getting keys to open up dungeons in LA

The whole beginning of TP

Jun 3, 2011
Putting together the Song of the Hero, along with the other fetch quests of SS in general. It felt shoehorned in, was uninteresting, and did little more than artificially extend the plot. As much as I love their method of including the Zelda theme into the game, I think we could've lived without that questline.

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