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Make Your Own Zelda Item


Hero of Pie
Sep 20, 2011
If you could make your own Zelda item, what would it be? And also you can combine present day Zelda items together also. Mine would be the Spinner and it can shoot any type of arrow, and also when the arrow hits the enemy, a bomb sprouts from the arrow and falls to the ground and...BOOM! The enemy blows up! I am sorry if this was a past thread and I am enthusiastic to hear your creative ideas'! :)
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The Drifter
Dec 30, 2011
The Kokiri land rover. 4 wheel drive run down and over your enemies, safe place to be at night and ...err runs on grass?


On my Zeldathon Quest
Dec 31, 2011
Sword Shot!! It's like the Hook Shot and the Castlevania Whip. Link can still use it to get to places he couldn't before, but now he can use it as a Sword Whip. I.E. Castlevania.

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